Got an idea for a company - DeLoitte in a box - any thoughts?
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Every company has legacy code and system inefficiencies. Is there a market for a company that is hired by another company to make their systems more efficient? I'm imagining us stepping in at a 100 person startup who just raised their A or B and appraising the workflow of their operators... examining what could be automated and automating it for them.

Would something like this scale? I'm thinking we could eventually build aspects of this thing into software and sell that software to people.

A company is itself very much the product, too. So if we help make the company more efficient, we also help companies make their product better. I don't know if this is clear, but hopefully it is. Anyone have any thoughts on the idea? Has anyone tried this?

I'm calling it DeLoitte in a box, because it's a form of consulting. Probably misleading or inaccurate, but.. :)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 217d ago

I'm thinking we could eventually build aspects of this thing into software

I have no idea who you are or of your technical expertise - I see comments like the above regularly. Unless you have a deep understanding of software analysis and public credibility in this space, you're unlikely to make that work.

I have 40 years experience including working on complex software like 3D CAD & during that time have used a lot of code analysis & dev tools. It's technically very difficult to do well & there are many startups tackling the low-hanging fruit of simple web app tooling.

benjamin_a · 219d ago

Isn't this what most consulting businesses/services do?? How is your product really any different than a consulting business?

Caretender · 219d ago

It sounds like you're looking to do paid research to build your business. This may work and may even scale, but you'll need to either find a group of businesses within the same niche or different businesses with the same needs. Many of the general needs like accounting, marketing, hr, etc... needs are already covered, but if you can improve upon them in a compelling way, then go for it!

Just remember, there's no bad business ideas -- there are only bad business people.

manojranaweera · 219d ago

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McKayla-Berry · 220d ago

This is interesting! Like you're saying, this sounds like a specific kind of consulting firm. It would be interesting to create a consulting firm that focuses on baking shared inefficiencies between companies into new software. If done right, could make a boatload of money, I think. Such high value.