New: Tailored Codex recommendations based on your progress update
Shared by pioneer · 233d ago · 5 comments

You'll notice something new as you complete your progress update this week: Codex recommendations!

The model is very much a work in progress, but our goal is to show you relevant questions & answers from Codex based on the content in your update.

Please send us any feedback!

richardpoelderl · 230d ago

I noticed a change when I changed our status to be >100 users. I liked that.

Mubarak_ayanniyi · 232d ago

Really cool model..

manojranaweera · 233d ago

Saw it in operation. Reckon its not bad for a first-time founder. Good start nevertheless. Well done.

joshlim · 230d ago

Thanks! Great to know :)

user_1234 · 231d ago

Looks good