Feedback Get Klips - Employee-Led Training and Onboarding
Shared by sonerhaci · 38d ago · 2 comments

Hi Everyone,
we are working on a project that started as an internal need and it seems like most of the corporates have that problem. KLIPS ( is an on-demand training video-creating platform. It’s training videos made by the employees for the employees. On-demand videos focused on skills, assignments, and projects.
Training videos are uploaded on-demand or according to the needs and shared instantly with other co-workers.
We already have some companies on the waiting line and it would be great to have your feedback or help to share KLIPS.

manojranaweera · 34d ago

We are looking to create videos to help volunteers on Long way before we start these though. All the best with executing your idea.

sonerhaci · 34d ago

thank you for the feedback, yes that would be a good implementation