's progress update - January 31st, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum is like Netflix for home photos/videos. Import Google/iCloud metadata, auto-organize into events, share in groups, browse & enjoy

What are your KPIs?
Pitch to 8 founders/investors in February
Goal: 8 by February 28th
Current: 0
1000 google photos imported via API
Goal: 1000 by February 28th
Current: 10
50 active beta users
Goal: 50 by February 28th
Current: 8

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Implement Google Photos Importer in Dev/Test
đź› Decide on DevOps path forward; hire contractor if needed
đź› Complete Beta3 sprint; launch Beta4 sprint
Practice pitch to 2 founders/investors
Beautify "How GreatAlbum Works" page
Couple more blog posts

Google Photos being tested in DEV
Decided to postpone DevOps transition, focus on feature dev
Completed Beta3 sprint, start Beta4 on Monday
Practiced pitch to 2 advisors
Added UX and Project Mgt to team to work better!
Blog posts,

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

đź› Launch Beta4 sprint, ramp up new Project Mgr
Finish testing Google Photos Importer
Practice pitch to 2 founders/investors
Finish mockup of
Two more blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? 1-min pitch video (so far)

Project website

SNOUNDS · 602d ago

This seems like a very interesting idea let me know how this works out I'll be keeping a close eye on this good luck · 602d ago

Nice website! · 602d ago

Wow it really looks like everything is coming along well and on-track! I liked your blog posts, It adds a nice dimension while you are building the business, it's something I'm doing as well. I couldn't understand the process of access control used. If I start making an album of granny and share with my siblings and they sign in and contribute meta data, how do I then get to 'import' their images to my album store? · 597d ago

Hi Here are a couple points that hopefully clarify. I'm assuming that most media will stay in permanent photo storage - like Google or iCloud Photos. (1) If you want those in your Google or iCloud libraries, they would need to share their photos with you directly. GreatAlbum may help with that in the future, but not now. (2) The main point of GreatAlbum is to widen the concept of Albums to include media organized into share events, with shared individuals and places tagged and stories from different peoples' perspectives. These albums are shared, with multiple people being members. So the Album is as much yours as anyone elses.

Does this answer your question? · 602d ago

Great that you're working on something that you've been thinking about for so long! I think you're website could have the information cut down a little. I think having a detailed how it works and tutorials are great, but I think the home page would be better with less info but really focused on getting me interested to learn more. · 597d ago

Good points, Fabrifly. Working on that. :-) · 602d ago

Interesting work. do you plan to monetize this project? · 597d ago

I do expect within the next year to introduce FREE and PREMIUM subscriptions, with different levels of benefits, which would then begin to generate income. But I want to prove value first, before I start charging. · 602d ago

I'm not sure if Netflix is the right analogy here since no-one uploads their own stuff to Netflix. Maybe YouTube would be a better analogy? Your 1-min pitch was great! But I'd try to cut down on the text you use in your powerpoint behind you. We're listening to you so that you don't have to write text. I'd just talk and show off how the product looks. Best of luck! · 597d ago

Fair point. The idea is to have a service to share and enjoy media and stories, organized into events, with privacy controlled through membership-based albums. The short summary I am trying out this week is:

GreatAlbum - enable shared biographies & stories in membership-based albums. Enhance with Google/iCloud media auto-organized into events.

Still working on a demo with better graphics of the app. Coming soon. Thanks! · 602d ago

A demo video of you using the product might be a good way to communicate the value. I had to read the 'What are you building, in a sentence?' a couple of times to understand it.

Personally, I think it would also be a good idea to talk about what differentiates you from what people are using today to share/discuss photos (Facebook, Instagram,...) · 597d ago

Good points. This week, I'm trying a different summary description: GreatAlbum - enable shared biographies & stories in membership-based albums. Enhance with Google/iCloud media auto-organized into events.

Did you happen to read my blog post from last week, that described how GreatAlbum is different?

No I didn't read it before writing my feedback. Interesting, thanks for sharing! You want to mainly focus on the browsing/categorizing USP in that case!

Good luck this week! · 602d ago

I feel like apple already does that quite well, not sure how this could be helpful. Would love to see this in some form of a VR application though. Re-visiting past experiences in VR seems quite ambitious and futuristic. Good luck! · 597d ago

VR would be cool. Not in our scope at this point. Did you happen to read my blost last week about how GreatAlbum is different from Google & iCloud photos?