Podcasts Advertising & Sponsorships Marketplace
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Leading podcasts platforms (Apple, Stitcher, Podbean etc) aggregation into a single podcast profile with aggregated & enhanced statistics, ratings, rankings by popularity - like media planner for podcasts + Podcast Ad Wizard > Podcasts Ads & Sponsorships Marketplace.

I'm not dev, so I will try to setup the Podcast Profile UX in html :D

edanswers.io · 854d ago

very interesting, there are millions of podcast out there and it is just a growing market if you could capture the newcomers your marketplace will be essential.

Podvertise.fm · 854d ago

Thanks man.
Concept is to open it for existing and new ones... as we will not host, but give them ability to place their ads details

SimpleLogin.io · 745d ago

Interesting idea and I'd love to explore it for SimpleLogin, my privacy-focused startup. I haven't found any security/privacy-related podcast on the website though.

Podvertise.fm · 755d ago

Changed the domain to Podvertizer.com - Podcasts Advertising & Sponsorships Marketplace

deliverator-140970 · 854d ago

I would love to use it for my business

Podvertise.fm · 854d ago

get in touch man

imbue · 854d ago

I just started a podcast, am using anchor. If you had a way to work with VOIP so that if you wanted to record a podcast in different locations you could save the audio separately in there. Some platforms already do it but if u could make it easier that would be cool

Podvertise.fm · 854d ago

https://youtu.be/ya3NDudsh8g - UPDATE:
Podcasts marketplace basic UX > I will deliver HTML version of it tomorrow.

ek · 854d ago

how to connect further ? am interested to work together as am a podcaster too

Podvertise.fm · 854d ago

Hi Ek, Nedko Nedkov on slack? https://app.slack.com/client/T010ZNHEPD2/D011VGEEGCC/user_profile/U011VGEE8LU

Also twitter.com/nedkovbg