Any YC alumni around?
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Signed up two weeks ago to the latest batch. About to make my 3rd update. Have you joined this batch?

peerrich · 729d ago

I was in W19

gaberagland · 730d ago

I was in the YC S12 batch with a consumer app. Now working on a dev tool ( Are you an alum?

victor · 729d ago

How did that startup of yours work out?

gaberagland · 729d ago

I grew it to ~$16k/m in revenue during YC, but it slowly fizzled out as traffic and ad-rates declined. Lots of competition in the image sharing space (think imgur, pinterest, 9gag, etc). Tough space to be in without raising a lot of money.

haidertariq · 715d ago

Hey can you share a bit about your earlier project? What was it?

gaberagland · 715d ago

It was called imgfave. An image collecting/sharing community. A bit like Pinterest + Reddit for a younger audience.

peerrich · 729d ago

yeah W19

gaberagland · 729d ago

Nice, what company? Still working on it?

peerrich · 728d ago

aaronggreen · 721d ago

check yussef too