Do Non-Tech startup like ours become Pioneer?
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I have been researching a bit and have been checking past pioneers, just wanted to understand do Non-Tech Startups like ours ever become Pioneer?

Love the community and feedback here, and would love to keep doing this, as it gives us perspective on how to move forward and what we exactly did last week.

coolwellnesscafellc · 159d ago

I was invited by Andrew Ng which is one of the executive members here. So I would guess, yes I can become pioneer.

curtaustin · 160d ago

I can't say for certain, as a non-tech founder I have been reviewed more than once and am still not a Pioneer. Execution is a big part, or a very defined plan for getting to money must be paramount. Seems simple, and it does explain why I haven't made Pioneer yet. The site isn't complete, and this community is fantastic at helping build for execution.

ptmn · 161d ago

Most of resources and knowledge here is more useful if you are building a software startup. Having a Pioneer title might help you network more easily. But trust me, in startup what really matter is execution, not fancy name. I also love community here, so just carry on and surround yourself with positive people.

dhruvbhatia · 162d ago

Good question, not sure. Have you had a review with the Pioneer team (I see you're comfortably in the top 50)?

There seem to be others like you in the top 50 as well, check out Hummii -

I'm working on Casa, a community platform for startups and brands. Would love to discuss community building for OatMlk btw, love the idea!

coolwellnesscafellc · 159d ago

hey I just reviewed Hummii. I would love to see them in Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Definitely try there.

yas.cin · 162d ago

Hi @akashwadhwani, I asked a similar question two days ago, just discovered the community and would like to know if a growth oriented physical product business has its place amongs the pioneer community and has its chance to be selected one day

joshbrill · 162d ago

I have an electronics hardware startup and it seems to me as long as you get into the top 50 you have a chance of being selected.