Product Benchmarks Report 2021 by Open Ventures
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What's your conversion rate from website visitors to signups?

I've not looked at this before, but just did for

Unique Visitors: 13k
Signups: 900 (volunteers and tech startups)

Not sure whether this is good or bad yet. Not done anything on SEO or the product.

Update: Page 26 says not too bad!

manojranaweera · 14d ago

This big thing about Product Led Growth (Page 29) - who knew?

1. Offer a free trial or free version of the product. No free trial for at present, but will review in Aug
2. Have a growth team - assembling using volunteers - happy to show you how when you joined
3. Have a sales team - Big issue right now for me
4. Have a marketing team - need to assemble, as I would focus on (2) before this.
5. Need to measure activation - a lot more work needed to improve.

How do you stack up against the above?

oras · 14d ago

I've seen the impact of offering a free trial compared to "book a demo".

I changed the button from "book a demo" to "request a free trial" and my conversion rate jumped to 13%. And since I am using HubSpot, I made it mandatory to use a work email. Free emails are not allowed so I started getting more qualified leads.

Thanks a lot for sharing the report, Manoj. It was refreshing to see a report praising product-led growth. Most advice elsewhere is to ignore the product and just sell.