BlueSkin: ZenDesk for Dermatologists
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Xin chao, my name is Emma/ Phuong.

- 29 years old, from Vietnam.
- Pioneer tournament winner & healthcare AI champion.
- Github profile:

- The craziest thing I've ever tried:
- The rightest thing I've done so far ever in my life

Have you ever heard about COVID-19 toes? Should you check soon. Very likely, you will need to visit Dermatology clinics at least one time this year. And there will be a lot of people coming like you.

Our mission is ascertaining that patients getting an early treatment and keeping dermatologist not so overwhelmed.


Technical folks. Ideally someone has a personal knowledge about the Bay Area, Switzerland and other parts of Europe and North America. We will also interview a bunch of people during the process (customer first!), at least the first week. So please prepare.

Drop me a message at I am happy to chat.