AWS Credits for Startups
Shared by stroom · 12d ago · 7 comments

Is anyone aware of AWS Deals for startups that aren't venture backed/part of an accelerator/incubator programs.

haidertariq · 8d ago

I am an AWS Startup Scout, what do you want to know about credits?

vladyslavdidenko · 10d ago

I got my AWS credits today,as part of YC's Startup School (haven't yet applied to YC incubator and neither accelerators)
Filled in the forms, was giving weekly updates and it took around a week to get approved

edlintics · 10d ago

Did you used all the $100000 in AWS credit?

YC's Startup School has $5k in AWS credits (and a ton of other deals too) available once you submit either 4 or 5 updates in a row.

@WOlefile · 12d ago

How long do those credits take to expire anyway?

morning_coffee · 11d ago

from my experience credits via an accelerator program last for 1 year (i dont know what the terms are if you are a Pioneer)

Extensions are possible, you just need to talk to the AWS team in your region and make your case. I have no hard data on extension-acceptance rates other than a handful of startups i know who successfully got theirs extended (mid 2019. maybe covid has changed things)

Per original question, not sure

@WOlefile · 11d ago

Okay fair enough, a year doesn't sound that bad...