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Founders' Book is a library of tools and resources to support founders and founding teams in all stages of their venture building.

- Educate next-generation entrepreneurs on DIY tools and techniques
- Create awareness on the available no-code tool landscape and save $$$ on development costs
- Tiny guides to turn complex concepts into actionable insights
- Turn an idea into an MVP and then enter the growth stage in less than 1 year (estimation)
- Micro SaaS - The next big thing
- Biggest - Build confidence in first-time founders and reduce time spent on searching for resources in early-stage startups

Sendoff · 9d ago

pretty cool M8

gouthambandaru · 8d ago

Thank you. Please signup for the free trial. Any feedback is highly appreciated :)

manojranaweera · 9d ago

What's your background? How many did you start, how many failures and any exits?

gouthambandaru · 8d ago

Background in Tech (SaaS) and analytics
Founders' Book - first venture

Motivated and inspired by my own struggle of spending hours to find resources and ending up nowhere or information overload, I slowly realised there are many founders and startups that suffer from the mighty knowledge gap that in turn affect their confidence. in big time.

Let's accept this, we as founders are judged on many fronts. From business knowledge to tech capabilities, working with a team and being mentorable in the traditional startup world. But startups and their landscape evolving faster than we as a human race. We now have jobs never existed 5 years ago, No-Code is accessible to the consumer level not just for legacy businesses. We have to educate and upskill ourselves to foresee how future problem solving would look like.

Adding to this, founders and startup teams spent a good amount of time looking for resources. We wanted to slash those times and give back that missed opportunity to build their businesses which results in a better efficient and product ecosystem.

Our primary goal at Founders' Book is to re-skill and pre-skill the next generation of founders and startups. It is an honest attempt to support aspiring and first-time founders to identify new startup opportunities, understand the art of starting up and the convergence of the Internet, consumer technology, automation, content, curation, platform and no-code economies.

nakulverma · 7d ago

hello I think it's a cool idea. I am v curious to know if founders signed up with you are engaging with the resources offered after week/month 1. Personally speaking, I tend to sign up for blogs when I am excited but don't end up engaging with them after the motivation fizzles out.