How not to be sad
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Extremely open & honest essay. Feel like more founders need to hear that emotional highs and lows are natural*. Would also love to see other resources y'all have found useful from a founder psychology perspective.

*This applies to far more than founders, but I think as a group, ambitious people are less likely to talk about these sorts of feelings. · 568d ago

Thanks for sharing. It's important to love yourself and cut yourself the appropriate amount of slack at times.

PS. Love the word "quixotically" as used in the first paragraph. Doesn't every Pioneer have a bit of Don Quixote in them?

morning_coffee · 569d ago

I listened to an interview with webflow founder Vlad Magdalin (this week in startups episode 973) He had such a challenging path. Sold his cars, went into massive credit card debt, the kind of stress that melts the soul. It was super inspirational listening to him because he gave an unvarnished and honest break down of how hard startups are. He struggled for years before getting webflow off the ground, about 7 i think. He isn’t giving advice on how to handle it per say, more just inspiring hearing that im not the only one burning it from all ends.

QRE · 576d ago

Thank you for sharing. Laura Deming is one of my idols in the world of longevity