Web Design in 4 minutes
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Was curious what the popular posts were on HN. Lots of interestingness here: https://observablehq.com/@tomlarkworthy/hacker-favourites-analysis.

According to observable, the #1 most favorited is the web design interactive, linked above. IMO just an incredible example of where education + the web work perfectly together. Game-like.

Anyway, enjoy as I did! If there's any nit I would give, it's that the final product is compelling, but not amazing. Would love to see the author continue on to even higher levels of sophistication.

NFT-gal · 157d ago

What do you think of the marriage between education and the Internet as a whole? I agree, this site does seem to be a real syzygy between form and content. I wonder where else the idea is easily applied.

sole-fields · 157d ago

Oh it's absolutely the future. Duolingo is a surface-level attempt. You need GTA4 for learning. When that happens, that'll be it for schools.

NFT-gal · 157d ago

I agree to an extent. The social component is irreplaceable. I imagine a hybrid future for education where colleges offer on and offline classes. An the school is designed to support the best teachers.

It'd be nice for the best professors to record all their lectures when they're at peak vitality and make them freely available to all those enrolled. More video archiving! Then you could have TA-types who are stewards of the material.

Jimmons · 157d ago

It seems best to start with the problem here. The problems I'd be interested in solving (in the US at least) are a) school prices and b) access to the best teachers. The Internet seems perfectly suited to the task.

So I do think education will more and more float to the Internet (not a controversial opinion). It's tough to imagine what that path will take because the system is so entrenched.

kendsouza · 159d ago

It was interesting. Always love the cool links posted by other pioneers. Thanks for sharing!

JayLewis · 160d ago

In fact #2 and #3 are also interactive learning.

Music Theory: https://www.lightnote.co/
Synths: https://learningsynths.ableton.com/

Cool site, thanks for the share.

sole-fields · 157d ago

Oh true! Just went through those as well. So fun.