Does anyone if there is a way to lose points and positions in the leaderboard even after submitting your progress update on time?
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We lost 173 points and 23 positions on the leaderboard after I submitted our last update last night. Can anyone explain how could this happen?
Looking forward to your feedback!
We were in position 27 with 46,773 points 24hrs ago: · 28d ago

Here's my take after going through 117 week cycles of the tournament.

Firstly, to answer your question. Yes - you can lose points after Sunday when you submit your update. As players start to vote on your update after you submit, it will adjust in points accordingly. This is in addition to the change in points you may get depending on how may players vote for your feedback later in the week.

However, my honest feedback if you have an aim to climb the leaderboard, is to ignore it completely. I've spent many weeks working to decode what all these points mean, and to be frank, honestly they don't really mean much.

Yes, the better the update, the higher you climb. But that doesn't mean the more progress you make, the higher you'll climb. Or the better your project, the higher you'll climb. At the end of the day it's real people voting on your update, and unfortunately the flashiest and most tailored updates are what get the points. It's all down to choice psychology and mainly about how you structure your update; emojis, metrics, the lot.

My advice to you would be spend a few weeks and pretend the leaderboard doesn't exist. Focus on what you're building and the rest will follow. As a note, selection to be a Pioneer is not correlated to your position on the leaderboard, or how many points you have.

kinder · 27d ago

100% true. The leaderboard is not important at all, not to say useless. I have been on rank #2 on global, and in top 10 for months, nothing really happened.

Missed one voting session (was 2h late) and dropped from 2nd to 40th position. Nothing to feel sorry about. If you can get some value from being part of the tournament that's good. I know I got it, nothing is a waste here. But it's again on you how you are thinking.

adam_snetiker · 28d ago

I completely agree. Soemone gave me negative feedback saying my performance has changed, but I JUST joined a few days ago sthat can't possibly be the case. This was my first update and my position on the leaderboard went up (or down). It got worse. #23 in US West to #25, but as you said it probably doesn't matter as long as you're making progress in the long-run.

carlosraul · 28d ago

Thank you for your feedback, John!

ArchStaton · 29d ago

Hello, do not pay attention to your position changes while the voting has not finished. I bet you'll be going up tomorrow. +33 last week. That was awesome! I guess your profile was touched by some mysterious Pioneer expert. I thought only the 19-20 years old ambitious players would be given a fair shot. I guess I am wrong.

carlosraul · 29d ago

Hey Marvin, thank you for your feedback. Not sure what you mean by the 19-20 years old ambitious players? Can you elaborate a little bit more, please?

ArchStaton · 29d ago

Hey Carlos, you are welcome!

I meant that the probability of winning the tournament is much, much higher if the player is young and ambitious. They will get the pass much easily compared to older players. If you are in your late twenties or thirty plus years old then your chance of winning the tournament depends on your strong application, you have to show some serious/interesting track record of success there. It is just from my personal observations.

I checked your website. You are cool, and I am sure you are going to crush it soon.

carlosraul · 29d ago

Interesting observation. That was what I thought you meant to say, although I'm doubtful to agree with you. It would be sad if that was the case. I don't see anything about age in the tournament rules and I don't think it is fair, especially if it is not clearly stated so everyone knows. Great ideas, well-executed are not necessarily associated with age, gender, etc. So I'll keep thinking they don't give much weight to that when picking winners. Thank you for your feedback on our project, by the way. Best of luck to you.

carlosraul · 28d ago

Thank you so much for your feedback, Marvin!

ArchStaton · 28d ago

You are welcome, Carlos!

oras · 28d ago

If that's the case, then this is discrimination and I would leave pioneer immediately if proven true. How did you get this impression?

Edit: I checked the FAQ page and they do mention they think they can help young people the most.

Am I too old for Pioneer? Too young?

> Apart from any legal restrictions, there is no age limit for Pioneer. We think we can help young people the most, but we'll gladly fund anyone at any age.

ArchStaton · 28d ago


carlosraul · 28d ago

Great insights! All of that makes a lot of sense.

curtaustin · 28d ago

Well, I will say I am not sure if age plays into it. But I will say they passed on my site, with reason It isn't ready yet, and I enjoy working with peers and Pioneer to help get it ready. I am older, (so yes it would suck if age is a factor, but that happens) but with that it is a bit easier to design content that is relevant with experience. However, this is a hinderance when it comes to connecting with the extremely important younger demographic. This is why I find the feedback helpful. And, I apologize, I am travelling this week and only managed 5 reviews. Lowest yet, I am usually good for 10. As for rankings, have hit #32, but now hang out in the mid 60's. Work on the site when not working making a living in the field the site is designed for, trying to get funding attention to hire a programmer. So, age is also a factor when it comes down to the amount of time and programming available for the site vs actually making a relevant site. Best of Luck to all!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 27d ago

I will say I am not sure if age plays into it.

Not as far as I can tell. I'm 58 & have been steadily in the top 50 for many months, just not managed enough progress to get selected beyond that.

ArchStaton · 28d ago

I like that! Thank you, Curt!

manojranaweera · 28d ago

I only managed to review 2 yesterday instead of the usual 20. Many apologies folks!

Strangely my ranking has gone up. Best ever! 44th! · 29d ago

Hi Carlos, love what you're doing!

Totally agree with Marvin's point about positions bouncing around during voting. Better not to pay attention until after you get the feedback from other players. Based on where your project is trending, and the unusually strong team you have, I'm guessing that you will get a ton of votes.

Please ping me if you have an interest in partnering.

Have a great day!


carlosraul · 28d ago

Hey Lorenzo, thank you for your feedback. It's pretty cool what you are doing. We can definitely talk about a potential partnership. Let me know what's the best way to contact you. My email is

AndyDent-Touchgram · 27d ago

I have had upvotes on my comments from people as late as the next week when they are probably doing their status, a couple of days after Pioneer tell you how many people upvoted your reviews. So, yeah get used to your relative status bouncing up and down a bit during the week.

Also, sadly, there are some people who just copy and paste the same review multiple times so don't take one, that makes little sense, too seriously.

kendsouza · 28d ago

As said, the leaderboard is meaningless and really does not reflect any ignore it. There is no pot of gold waiting for you at the top. I was 17th on the leaderboard many weeks ago. Since then I have doubled my paying subscribers and have many more trial signups. The irony is ..I am 89th now. I have no time for emojis or the flashy stuff.. just keeping count on the 'boring' paying subscribers on the rise:)

carlosraul · 28d ago

Totally agree! That's what's matter the most! :-)