Community building tips?
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With the further development of the platform we want to build a community around the platform so anyone who want to contribute and improve any part of the platform can do it and be featured in our platform.

Also we were wondering slack Vs telegram Vs a traditional blog in order to create a whole community about job search + digital skillset development.

Thanks in advance!


james · 17d ago

The book "Get Together" is a great place to start for anyone new to the space.

It's a lightweight and pragmatic handbook on community building written by people who cultivated early Facebook and Instagram communities before teaming up to help the community building efforts of organizations around the world.

Check out some of the key takeaways on the authors' blog:

edgargagocarrillo · 17d ago

Great! Thank you I'll check it as soon as possible. It will be ready helpful!

manojranaweera · 18d ago

You got a typo Edgar "Change the rules and discover yout potential"

manojranaweera · 18d ago

Another typo "Discover the digital talent your comapny needs"

edgargagocarrillo · 17d ago

Thanks again! I don't check the English version as my browser is in Spanish!

manojranaweera · 17d ago

I thought as much but thought of informing you nonetheless.

christianbrown · 13d ago

We're going through it now too. My feedback is hand to hand combat until you've found absolute product market fit. Firstly, because you engaged on Pioneer, I checked out your site -- simple as that.

Secondly, have more conversations about the problem you're trying to solve. Have more conversations with the people who you're solving the problem for. Have more conversations on the behalf of your community.

To answer your question more directly and tactically, do it all. Write traditional blog posts and share them. Also, just hangout in more areas and where conversations around your community are relevant to your service and add real good bro vibes.

logikblok · 17d ago

Hey there maybe these links might be of use:

On another note you might also like to explore these:

manojranaweera · 18d ago

I wonder whether there is an opportunity between what you do and us Perhaps something to explore later on as we are both in the very early stages of our journeys. My initial thoughts.

Unskilled >>> pportfolio (competition based skills) >>> Land first job
Unskilled >>> pportfolio (competition based skilled) + (real world project) >>> land dream job

edgargagocarrillo · 17d ago

Sounds interesting

edgargagocarrillo · 17d ago

Maybe we can have a call About it?

manojranaweera · 17d ago

Let see how we both progress over the next few months. Pre-mature partnerships rarely works in my experience.

edgargagocarrillo · 17d ago

We can keep it touch then!