What are your favorite websites?
Shared by Sal · 28d ago · 5 comments

I'm creating a list of websites that'll serve as inspiration. Thinking specifically from a design perspective. A few of my favorites:

- Japanese YC firm, https://y-n10.com/
- Stripe, https://stripe.com/ (specifically that globe)

What about you?

McKayla-Berry · 28d ago

Something about Ars Technica has always appealed to me. Feels most like I'm reading a digital newspaper.


AndyDent-Touchgram · 26d ago

That y-n10.com is a hoot, Crossy Road VCs

benjamin_a · 26d ago

GitHub's globe is even cooler than Stripe's

nyootron · 28d ago

I really loved how runway.com tells its story. They're in Beta, and the landing page just explains clearly what that startup is trying to do.