Pioneer founders helping each other build a community on Twitter.
Shared by louisneilkorsten · 30d ago · 28 comments

A while ago, I saw a post that encouraged Pioneers to follow each other on Twitter. I tried Twitter a while ago but never really got into it.

I've come to realise how important it is for a founder to establish his own personal presence on the internet. I think it's important for customers to be able to see and communicate directly with a founder.

I've therefore decided to dive back into Twitter, it would be awesome if as many Pioneers got involved as possible. However, it doesn't just end at following each other, I think actually engaging with fellow Pioneers on Twitter is important.

Therefore, drop your Twitter profile link/handle in the comments, follow other Pioneers who post their links and make sure to follow back when others follow you.

jeremybell · 29d ago

Big fan of Twitter. Happy to give y'all a follow to help build your audience.

Although, what you really need to do is simply tweet more and comment/engage more. The more you do that, the more algorithm love you'll get.

At Mayday, we've been quite successful finding new users by simply engaging with people who tweet about things related to the business. We're using Zapier to search Twitter for certain keywords/phrases, and sending them to Slack... we then engage with people promptly after they've tweeted something relevant.

It obviously requires effort to engage, but it's well worth it.

louisneilkorsten · 28d ago

Agreed, the effort is definitely worth it. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely be using it!

manojranaweera · 23d ago

Following now Jeremy. Would be good to explore whether we could adopt a similar. I've not really promoted but going forward, we need to.

aasthajain · 15d ago

This is a great initiative, thank you for starting! Would be great to connect with everyone. I’m @ajaasthajain

georgelamptey · 28d ago

Count me in.

Follow and will follow back

manojranaweera · 23d ago

Following now George. Looks awesome · 29d ago

Always love these efforts at social physics. Count me in!

oras · 29d ago

Happy to connect, here is mine:

lukemartiros · 29d ago

Not a huge Twitter user but also happy to connect with fellow pioneers!

hugomontenegro · 29d ago

I'm happy to connect with fellow pioneers :)

I tweet about ML/AI, crypto and my startups

arthtyagi · 29d ago

I'm @arthtyagi.

Tweeting about my startup, opinions on things happening in the tech world, occasionally random tweets.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

Maybe worth using a hashtag. I use Twitter as a brain dump.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

Wow! You are a newbie! Here's mine

braddwyer · 30d ago
louisneilkorsten · 29d ago

Awesome, I was actually already following you!

alessandrosolbiati · 22d ago

happy to follow all of you on twitter guys

we tweet about our self driving boat

joannecooper · 23d ago
I think I have followed everyone

manojranaweera · 23d ago

Following now. What stage is your startup? Are you building any tech?

kinder · 27d ago

This is me on Twitter

ashwindeepak · 28d ago

I'm Ashwin @ashwizza · 28d ago

True words . As you said, engaging with each other on a public platform like twitter helps grow the following in an organic fashion as well. But these efforts sure give an initial boost to people like me :)

louisneilkorsten · 28d ago

Awesome to see so many people that are keen. I've followed everyone and I look forward to engaging with you all!