Zipline: Online Walk-in for doctor's offices
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I'm making the virtual walk-in waiting room for family clinics. Family doctors take walk in appointments because patients frequently miss appointments. Due to the pandemic, family doctor appointments have transitioned to remote-only, which means they cannot do walk-in and therefore have no good way to make use of missed appointment slots, resulting in lost revenue. A virtual walk-in will allow doctors to see other patients if patients cancel.

The app will be a simple calendly-like app where you can enter your details, wait in line for a bit, and receive a zoom meeting URL when it's your turn to see the doctor.

At the time of writing, I've built the entire UI in webflow in ~3 hours and I'm now going to hook up the backend.

The app can also be used for office hours, and software devs selling their time to fix bugs, or VCs charging to hearing pitches. I plan to integrate video call functionality and the ability to take payments in the future.

EDIT 1: The Firebase backend logic is mostly done, but not ready yet. I've decided on a private repo because I'm not sure whether I can openly share webflow code, that and I'd prefer to keep my code private.

EDIT 2: Hooked everything up, done domain/DNS, done landing, UI, and video.

Slack Name: Bobby Z

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 854d ago

You are making future.

Thanks boss

Tash · 854d ago

I feel like doctors offices that do telemedicine would pay for this! One Medical, Carbon Health, there are a lot of them.

Oh I hope so! Never sold anything to healthcare companies before :P

braddwyer · 854d ago

"Please be patient" is a nice pun. Love it.

This is a good idea; seems like doctors should love it to fill idle space between appointments or pick up a new patient easily if someone doesn't show up.

I'm not kidding, I did not realize I made that pun until you mentioned it lmao

trentonbricken · 854d ago

Cool work. Would be a bit concerned over the security of the app given it is medical details and ways to process payments but these are minor things for an MVP!

Oh yea, security is a big concern in healthcare. If I ever integrate video I'll use the api because it is HIPAA certified. For other stuff, I'm not sure yet.

ender-079439 · 854d ago

I love this idea! I wish it was already more widespread. Docterna is doing something similar but I don't think they actually provide with the videocall, that's still something the doctors needs to setup by themselves.

Their site looks interesting. I wonder if they operate in the US and Canada?

ryanjlieu · 854d ago

this is sick

neville-734828 · 854d ago

Nice way of combining current technologies with innovation.

I hope the doctors see it that way too haha

bionic-hra · 854d ago

Cool! Did you make the UI or is it a template?

I used webflow!

geekysrm · 854d ago

Yes helpful for doctors.. COOL!

Thank you!

The Url:

princess-leia-251050 · 854d ago

nice idea! will help doctors in current situation

Thank you! Worked hard on it :D