Clarification on the Report Voting system
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Can anyone offer any clarification on the points system? Some weeks our reports get reviewed 12 times, sometimes it's only 9. How does this work points wise? Is it percentage based? · 557d ago

Each player can rate up to 10 pairs but not everyone rates all 10. So if the players scheduled to review your update don't do all 10 then you might not get reviewed. So some weeks you'll get more than others.

I think most we've ever had is like 12 or 13. · 556d ago

Exactly! It seems then that our points are relient on other players willingness to vote on their assigned reports. Seems amiss

cilliancollins · 556d ago

It's an elo-rating system that's used I think. Having more/less votes doesn't actually affect you. If you get no votes, you should remain in a similar leaderboard position. You can't objectively say that more or less votes is a good thing.

If you're voted over a good player; you're more likely to move up. If you're voted over a lower-ranking player, it won't affect you too much.

I do recall reading somewhere that the rank of the person 'deciding' who's better, is also weighed in. So the opinion of higher ranking people on the leaderboard may carry more weight, but I could be wrong there. · 556d ago

I think this is right. I've noticed that our scores don't really change based on the number of votes.

cilliancollins · 557d ago

On top of this, one week I received more 'votes' in the email than I received feedback. It was by a substantial amount too (around 4-5 feedback comments missing).

dominik · 557d ago

Not sure, but i think that it might be similar to a chess rating system.

From Pioneers FAQ:

How does voting impact my score on the leaderboard?

Your score will change as other participants and experts vote on you during the Pioneer Tournament. Scores change based on the quality of other players. For example, if you’re upvoted over a top player, you’ll get more points than if you’re upvoted over a low-ranked player. You still get points if you’re upvoted over a low-ranked player—just not as many. The best way to reach and maintain a high score is to demonstrate impressive progress every week.