Any Founders want to Connect on Clubhouse and have startup talk?
Shared by snounds · 543d ago · 15 comments

I want to do weekly talks to founders on this platform in clubhouse .. we can all bounce ideas off of each other and get to know each other better

lifeupeducationtv · 530d ago

Hello!!! This is a great idea! I'd love to host a room on "Agency Mentor Time" My name is @natsune

snounds · 530d ago

lets do it!!1 · 540d ago

my username is @tdbryant

snounds · 530d ago

following you bro !

visionary · 540d ago

yeah: @envisionwithj is my club house username. let's chat!

snounds · 530d ago

FOLLOWING · 541d ago


snounds · 541d ago

following back

kumar_abhirup · 542d ago

Sure! (but I don't have a Clubhouse invite) · 542d ago

Yes! I would like to join and learn from everyone here. Will be waiting for the clubhouse invite.

basanth · 542d ago

Sure! (but i don't have a clubhouse invite)

snounds · 542d ago

If you ever get one let me know !

manojranaweera · 542d ago

Sure. Find me there Manoj Ranaweera. I've scheduled a talk on Product and Sales before Investment for this Thursday 4 pm GMT. Looks like I am already following you Jermaine. · 541d ago

Happy to join you guys! But I have no invite :(

snounds · 542d ago

Create I see you and followed back! That seems like a good time