Advice for the first week after launch
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We've been working on this project since February and launched today to a small group of people that signed up on our site.

It's amazing and terrifying at the same time. I'm hoping some wine to celebrate will help calm my nerves. It could also be that I drank too much coffee today.

For those of you that launched recently, what did you do in the first week after? I've been fixing bugs quickly and replying to feedback. But I want to be more strategic than reactive. What are some things you would do if you went back and did it all over again?

hugomontenegro · 531d ago

Can't answer your question, but I wanted to say that I really like your branding. Seems super effective to me. Who doesn't want to have an unfair advantage?

I'd be careful with liabilities and such, but seems like an interesting concept. Congrats on launching!

donychristie · 531d ago

I want to second that the branding and user experience are really good. I enjoyed the aesthetic of the Typeform for early access.

mattcrail · 530d ago

My only regret shortly after we did our first release was be too shy about getting people using the product. After a week of going around slowly and inviting people on our waitlist, we finally said fuck it and invited just about everybody.

My other regret was that we invited everybody, rather than trying to target specifically the people we thought most likely to use the product. We are still doing video onboarding so lots of time spent with people who weren't our target audience.

So I guess the key takeaway is getting lots of the right people on board and giving you feedback. Also, do lots of video onboards and see how they use the product, get feedback and build a relationship with your early users and get them rooting for you and the product.

muhammadhaider · 530d ago

Loved your landing page. Feedback from users is the key to improve. Email them offer them discount or do anything to get their feedback. If you want to improve and grow

DotDotJames · 530d ago

always respond to customers as fast as you reasonably can -- though no need to reply at 2am -- next biz day; consistent feature development or scaling (these are not the same, and usually hard to do both in parallel).

brandon · 531d ago

Talk to your users, and really listen to them! There may not be a time again for a while where they're as interested and responsive.

My only counterintuitive tip might be to not worry too much about anything except for the most pernicious bugs :-)