Weekly Pioneer Call Conflicts
Shared by BobBass · 170d ago · 5 comments

Every Thursday afternoon I keep running into conflicts with the Pioneer weekly call. It seems to be a very popular timeslot across timezones and I'm constantly having to decide if I want to blow off. More often than not, the Pioneer group is easier to decline than a 1 on 1 meeting.

Is anybody else noticing Thursday and Friday afternoons being packed with meetings with SaaS partners, developers, workshops, etc?

Every week when this comes up, I'm a bit bothered by this and I wonder if I'm alone in having this specific issue, but I can't imagine I'm the only one flooded with meeting requests on Thursday afternoons.

weaver · 168d ago

You're right, it is a popular time slot :)

Part of the reason why we picked that time slot is because it worked well across several different timezones, and was one of the most popular time slots for players. We're definitely considering adding more time slots in the future, but sticking to just this one for now.

BobBass · 167d ago

I'm glad to know it's in consideration. It makes sense. Many people avoid Monday or Friday meetings and so sales meetings tend to be on Tuesdays, and conferences, conventions, webinars, etc. seem to be on Thursdays.

That's my experience at least. I've only had 1 week without a conflict so far although admittedly I had 2 weeks where I was just in a good flow that I didn't want to interrupt.

Regardless, I'm hoping to be more mindful of scheduling so I can attend more regularly moving forward. The pioneer meetings are very cool.

shanibennett · 168d ago

This is super true. It a hot slot for meetings.

team@yomi.ai · 170d ago

I won't be able to attend these calls for a while either. Thursday is also a very meeting heavy day for me.

pipedreamlabs.co · 166d ago

Same here! I've only been able to make one!