's progress update - January 3rd, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

achoz is an open, free, and wild app to organize all your data offline first on android/linux: instant search files, emails, calendar, etc.

What are your KPIs?
Launch the product or a demo
Goal: February 28th
Current: On schedule (Last week: On schedule)
Get subscribers for achoz
Goal: 8
Current: 3 (Last week: 3)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

week 60

still missing tasks from week 58 (fossil, host, kiss, and even getting out of google). but i think week 59 helped to catalyze this.

it's not a good idea to focus on just one of them, since they're very complementary.

but focus now will be the new room. more on comments


also managed to improve the digital environment for working towards integrating the current tool stack, by replacing xonsh with bash with complementary oh-my-bash scripts mixed with bash-it.

copying all files out of google drive started over 2 weeks ago. almost finished.

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

week 61

achoz is just a small project from a much bigger idea (ahoxus), but it should be the focus for pioneer from now on.

- we have to prepare a plan for this year for ahoxus.

- get a cleaner landing page for achoz.

- continue achoz development.

plenty of work for a week.

What would you like feedback on from the community?

we post extra update content every week under frontier and i would love to hear what you think of the one today:

Project website

SNOUNDS · 329d ago

I understand it's just a little bit I think having a better landing page that explains what your deal would be key. It seems like this could be an interesting idea. I wish you the best. · 329d ago

thanks again jermaine!

yes, as i just wrote in the first comment reply today, forgot to update the link. it should have been to

ps: still waiting your feedback about Jamie Petersen +2771 352 3169 from 3 weeks ago · 329d ago

// achoz is an open, free, and wild app to organize all your data

Looking at the website, I don't see where it is an app, and how it can do what you claim you're building. I see achoz is not ohoxus, and it seems you're reporting about ahoxus instead of the product. · 329d ago

thanks for the catch, mindey from wally (oooli sounds like wally).

yes, it's a known issue as i mentioned in the first comment reply today. forgot to update the link. it should have been to but there's a longer story there.

achoz is an intrinsic part of ahoxus and will only exist as such. but we realise that for pioneer (and the whole huge world it represents), in practice nobody cares (yet). so we're working on making it more distant. adding layers of transparency as to make the first layer much easier to digest. it was the whole point of this week update and i missed those few crucial aspects there.

it is not an app yet, but the whole concept is ready for at least a month (not counting on retrospect). now it's only a matter of time and resources to create it. i should probably rephrase the first line regardless.

thanks again!

ps: oooli looks amazing! we'll sure try to use it even instead of pioneer, since all we need is good and constant feedback!! ^_^

123xyz ( · 329d ago

Oh I see. Now it makes more sense. I'm all for replacing my web services with drivers of those remote systems.

ollie valley, as in skateboarding, and is also is actually a "community as a product", :) · 328d ago

wow, didn't know about oooli. There are so many great ideas. It looks like what I imagine early usenet must have looked like, i.e. having a high signal-to-noise ratio. · 329d ago

I really don't understand what the product is. Maybe just focus on achoz and point people there for now? · 329d ago

haha, yes. you summarised better than everyone.

like i said on basically all the other comments: forgot to update the link. it should have been to

thanks for the catch!

ps: do you think i can use fcomplexity in mobile only? don't have a desktop, will sure try it later anyway. intriguing thing. :D · 329d ago

For now, we are only focusing on the desktop version. I don't think mobile-UI will be easy to use. · 328d ago

the UI is rather good enough...

the problem i got was with the questions.

the only test available was about regex. but the only challenge i faced was writing code in python and java. i'm not familiar with any of them, but i did know enough regex only, and could've get the first 3 answers right in less than a few seconds but i could not input it properly into the challenge because it required python knowledge. on the 4th question there came in java and i quit.

funny joke on the "difficulty mortal" though! · 328d ago

which languages do you know?

all questions can be solved in Python.

you can request solutions for every question, there is a solutions tab, look at the code and use that code in the next questions.

would it help if I created a basic python problemset for you to get you up to speed on all the python that's required. · 326d ago

yes, knowing the python needed before hand could help... but i think that is the challenge is for regexp then there should be no other challenge such as python to begin with. even if you technically need python to make the platform work in its current shape, this could be solved with a more complete pre filled field, excluding just the regexp.

i used to toy mostly with vanilla javascript 5 years ago. not sure i know any language by heart today... focusing more on bash now.

pjajoo · 329d ago

- Love your enthusiasm
- Constructive feedback: I couldn't understand what are you guys exactly building. The website says-Ahoxus can reduce our money needs to zero, but Uproot section talks about how email can be better, searching files can be easier etc. Not sure how this connects to the vision - Reduce money needs to zero.
- Solution: Observe the words your users use to describe you and use them instead to convey · 329d ago

thanks for all the loving feedback.

yes, i forgot to update the link. it should have been to i guess my mind fooled myself because that page might be even less ready to be a landing page as it is right now!

perhaps more importantly, i forgot to explain this bit above everything else.

everything you said is true and known and exactly what we will change next (hopefully this week). still, nice catch! it's not that easy to see everything you did. ^_^ · 329d ago

Your update was upvoted 2 times and downvoted 5 times by other players. Your score is now 32543.

7 votes! it's usually just 6... at least 95% of the time, i would guess. · 329d ago

You have my support.
Something really new and yet unknown will be created
Keep in touch, I am very curious!
Keep on going, keep on going... · 329d ago

thanks. ^_^

but from the little i could read in that article, we're not focusing so much on order as opposed to chaos. it's more about understanding chaos!

and you can subscribe if you want to keep in touch.

ps: even github removed tracking cookies. you don't need them! i will try to move my body with you soon enough, and perhaps i can give you more feedback elsewhere. · 331d ago

# incidence
it was a coincidence.

the bigger project, ahoxus, have 61 weeks, a bit over 1 year, of updates on pioneer.

a few weeks ago we decided to create a smaller project, achoz, as described above. but it was not so clear, back then, that it would become our front page for this "tournment" (we're not really competing for the top, just grabbing some good feedback from you guys!)

this "fresh start" event on the first update of 2021 was a mere coincidence as it can be read over our whole history here.

at the same time, i'm glad it happened this way.

for one, it's much easier to get the ledger and finances separated this way! and so many other little things like that which end up summing up to a lot of time saved. perhaps over 1 week after 1 year.

but also it gives a feeling of good alignment with the world. such a great timing, by accident. a dent or "dence" in time.

# rebranding
achoz (spelled axos) is still too fresh.

there's nothing to show or much to tell yet.

but it is being built after scratching my own itch. over 40gb of misc files accumulated around 30 years. plus 90gb of music and god only knows how many hundreds of gb of photos and videos.

not even google is handling it correctly. they don't really care. and there's no service that can do the job today. mostly because they're all approaching this in the wrong way. like the rest of the world, there's a mistaken belief in too much abundance. a lack of harmony.

ahoxus was born after realising it's surprisingly possible to get a great, stable and sustainable life regardless of all those issues. and it is being built from nothing, for about 2 years now.

and achoz is a small digital version of this movement. being able to instantly find your data is only possible after owning your data in a searchable way. that in itself requires a lot of initial work, either to create the data properly or move it away from where it might be into a more conscious place and way.

just like it's being done on ahoxus, with the rest of the real world, for whoever might want to see it being done.

oof... big post.

i'll edit it, and improve this whole thing for the new page soon enough.

until then,