Podvertizer.com's progress update - September 29th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Podvertisor is peer2peer podcasts sponsorships marketplace helping brands, influencer agencies and podcasts owners to do direct advertising.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Fill-up @Brand.cm 30 big brand ambassador programs
2. Build D2C Brands marketing services landing page
3. Start inviting 30 small D2C brands to list on Brand.cm >upsell Podvertisor:)!
4. Outreach to 100 podcasters

5. Re-start Linkedin outreaching for PR/branding clients?

1. Setup Brand.cm > created company page > X coudln't upload profiles
3. Done > 2 interested for microinfluencers small$/% tests
4. We've onboarded 60 already regged podcasts on the marketplace
5. Started

6. Investor newsletter update!
7. New Brandvertisor beta!

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. Onboard 2 brands: build offers & influencers program
2. Invite 100 micro-influencers & podcasts to become brand ambassadors on giweaway/$/% for #1.
3. Brand.cm marketing proposal/landing page
4. Monetize leads - Quora/Reddit answers
5. PR leads at Linkedin outreach to 100 CMO

What would you like feedback on from the community?

Would you invest in building the perfect platform upfront or would you put efforts in selling what you have and optimize on client needs?

Project website


data-thinking.org · 383d ago

Fantastic progress this week!
Regarding your question: always start by selling. Why waste months building features nobody uses? You simply do not know what clients really need, you only find out by selling.

https://gocomo.io/ is building a data-driven platform to help companies identify relevant influencers (IG, etc). I think it could be really valuable for companies to have similar transparency for podcasts!

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

Thank you for the feedback! I agree, we're trying to get paying clients, as everything else is "potentially logical" working business.

shopdeft.com · 383d ago

I've gotten to review you before. Great progress. I'll jump straight into feedback - I'd absolutely lean more towards the latter. Build something simple to test your hypothesis, optimize for client needs and move from there. Building the perfect thing upfront when you don't really know what they want is going to cause you to build so many unnecessary things and delay your success.

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

Thank you! Great feedback! We do exactly that - started with MVP and now trying to twist the platform based on week to week feedback we get from end users and partners.

sendchamp.com · 383d ago

I would rather build based on client needs to understand my industry and product well. 25% is your idea. 75% percent is what the user wants.

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

Yeah, I also believe 75% is product-market fit and 25% is the project itself.

kloudi.tech · 383d ago

Would do the latter.

thewholehalf.live · 383d ago

I signed up for a podcast using your site to advertise what I'm building. The process was easy. Can't wait to see the results. Your weekly update is massive. Congrats on the fast progress.

Podvertizer.com · 383d ago

Thank you for the support by filling up the wizard!

cloudlyn.com · 383d ago

A single look at the website helps understand what exactly you are building. Nice job.

In relation to your question, I would advise to not invest in building upfront. You might not feel your product is ready because it might never be. So put efforts into selling and optimize on clients' needs. The only proof you have your product is worth something is to have others use and spend money on it.

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

Thank you, you are absolutely right, so I'm mostly focused on paying clients right now.

guineapig.app · 383d ago

Great job this week, especially with the onboarding for 60 podcasts on your marketplace! Best practice is definitely to focusing on talking to customers and building stuff that makes them love your product, but I'm guessing you already know this. :) I think podcast monetisation is a really interesting problem to solve. I'd try to look for analogies in other media like text & video and see what could work for audio.

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

Thank you! I will research on podcasts with Youtube channels monetization as most relevant.

honeycoin.app · 383d ago

I would invest in building the perfect platform upfront because leads automatically come in as a result of having a great platform and growing organically,

worldwidekatie · 383d ago

Never optimize for perfect. Perfect doesn't mean useful and useful is what you want.

Podvertizer.com · 381d ago

That's my social networks status for the rest of the month!.