Recap: Live Meeting Recap (for Zoom)
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Description: An assistant that logs attendance, shares notes, and captures action items from your Zoom meetings automatically.

Landing page:
Try it yourself:
Important Update: Getting a Google OAuth Warning? Try this:

Video walkthrough: (fixed)
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Recap automatically messages a permalink to all attendees of a Zoom call where they can access a recording of the call, link to their notes and action items, and easily schedule a followup meeting. It's like having a personal secretary on every Zoom call.

We're excited about the viral loops that will happen as we grow. We think we could quickly reach almost all of Zoom's 200MM DAUs.

You can try it out now at

As a next step, we need to get approved by Zoom so people can link it to their account to utilize our meeting webhooks. We also plan to let you hook into your existing workflows with Zapier triggers and actions so your action items can sync up with your Asana tasks, for example.

Team Members:
Brad Dwyer (
Joseph Nelson (

Completed during the hackathon:
Registered domain name (
Created Firebase App (hosting, auth, firestore)
Created Zoom App
Setup email/password login
Scaffolded UI endpoints (/meetings, /meeting/:id)
Setup landing page to collect emails
Zoom API OAuth
Interviewed 5 Potential Users
Sketch UI of 2 main pages
Implement Zoom Webhooks
Database schema
Update landing page w/ details & screenshots
Build UI for meeting list
Build UI for meeting page
Meeting page functionality: Agenda
Record video of functionality

Didn't quite finish:
Meeting page: Shared Recap Notes
Meeting page: Shared Recap Action Items
Meeting page: Internal Notes
Meeting page: Internal Action Items

Future tasks:
Email notifications to attendees after meeting
Get Zoom OAuth & webhooks approved
In-app Zoom meeting creation
Zapier integrations
Paying customers. Interested? Reach out!

p_q · 814d ago

This is great! Definitely a needed extension for meetings

gabrielenvienta · 814d ago

cool idea, let us know when is ready

justinwei · 815d ago

Really cool idea to make Zoom calls/notes more efficient and collaborative!

david · 813d ago

This is an awesome idea Joseph and Brad! Would love to see integration with Slack where it pipes the meeting notes back to Slack under the Zoom invite link for those of us that usually initiate Zoom meetings from Slack!

braddwyer · 813d ago

Thanks! We'd like to create a Zapier app (didn't quite get there in 24hr!) so users could integrate with any service, like your suggestion. Good call.

WhatElse · 814d ago

Love the idea

mgg · 814d ago

Nice idea! very complete!

bilbo-baggins-899032 · 814d ago

Great idea! · 814d ago

Very good concept and progress.

shawn · 814d ago

Lovely idea! Saves a lot of time and lets attendees focus on the meeting. I see myself using this

elenanadolinski · 814d ago

Nice! I love agendas for meetings. Great job on getting this to such a polished product! · 814d ago

Really great work! I can see this becoming a reality.

dumbledore-041810 · 814d ago

Looks great! I would like to use it.

miguelrochefort · 814d ago

Amazing progress. It's hard to believe you did all this in only 24 hours! This is definitely something I would use.

dumbledore-576237 · 814d ago

Seems nice, when finished, it would seem usefull for education

parzival-427448 · 814d ago

I can see this being great for lectures at universities and schools.

braddwyer · 814d ago

I'd love to see it used as an easy way for students to share and combine their notes!

pr · 814d ago

Great idea!

sunim · 814d ago

This idea especially helps have a more integrated discussion and forces the user to genuinely put up a conversation. Neat.

yunyu · 814d ago

Tying in all of these various services seems like a good idea. Looking at the demo, it seems like a opinionated (in a good way) workflow that can really increase the effectiveness of calls

stefanontheinternet · 814d ago

I can see this being very useful at my company.

amiya-98 · 814d ago

Nice! Will be helpful for many.

hermione-190623 · 814d ago

Great project! Looking forward to look into this very soon!

nathanganser · 814d ago

Nice! is somehow in that direction :)

braddwyer · 814d ago

Ah, cool, hadn't seen this before! Thanks. We're really zero-ed in on giving context to Zoom meetings (rather than logging Drive, email, etc) -- but the idea to have context is similar indeed.

jackson · 814d ago

Planning to make a Zoom app available in their store? Or fully independent?

braddwyer · 814d ago

We have to go through the Zoom Marketplace to enable users to authenticate with their accounts. We actually can't live demo publicly until someone at Zoom reviews us.

Any leads? :)

mohammadazeem · 813d ago

I think I can help you. See slack PM