Bo Burnham's new special & building companies during a pandemic
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I watched Bo Burnham's new special last night: Inside. I found it super compelling and in an odd way relatable to company-building. He, too, was tasked with bringing a project from 0 to 1 during a pandemic. His a comedy a special, mine (+ yours), a revenue-generating business.

The larger question I'm curious to hear about from other Pioneer founders: with the pandemic nearly behind us, how do you think you fared? How did you survive? How did your habits change? Do you feel you're coming out the other side with the equivalent of a new Netflix comedy special, or not? How so or why not? What are the silver linings to the last year and a half?

NGL I sucked. Lots of stopping and starting with projects ++ a baseline difficulty in finding other people who were likewise passionate about building something new. But today I feel more energized than I've ever. The silver lining is a forward-facing silver lining that I'm at a 12/10 in terms of productivity and excitement, whereas I might've otherwise always coasted at an 8.

sole-fields · 11d ago

Feel this.