What no-scale things did you do to increase your growth?
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I keep hearing that we should do things that don't scale in order to grow and reach potential users.

This post is to help each other get ideas to do these things and reach users for our respective products.

John_CropSafe.io · 597d ago

This is possibly one of the most important pieces of advice I've received and put into action everyday. Simplified, it basically means don't build your product straight away to serve thousands, even hundreds of customers. Depending on your product, your first builds can be simplified down to serve only a few dozen customers. What's the point in coding a full back-end, only to find out from your users in two weeks they want something different?

The best way to often put this into action with your project, startup or idea is to essentially build a false-front for your product. For example, your new saas product might offer auto created invoices from Shopify data. The non-scaleable way to do this would be you acting as your back-end, manual inputting data and sending those "auto" created invoices. It's ok for your product to not be fully functional, your customers won't know this.

Building like this allows you to iterate at light speed compared if you built for scale. 9 times out of 10 your probably going to change something in your product because 90% of your customers didn't want it. That's not a problem, but when you spend weeks developing that feature, this can stack up quite quickly. Build quick, test quick, iterate quick.

A few examples of how we put this into action at CropSafe:

- Our entire mobile app is built without code using Bubble.io, published using Thunkable. This allows to quickly iterate, test and ship to a customer in minutes.

- Our database that processes ~1,000 row of data a day is built entirely on Google Sheets & Airtable. Allows us to monitor and change data in seconds. Also allows for super quick de-bugging and fixes.

- Our website was built in a day using Webflow & a purchased template.

- Our more technical back-end runs mainly on Integromat, a similar service to Zapier. You would be surprised how powerful these tools are. We're using it to pull satellite imagery and weather data via APIs and sending them off to AWS or Google Sheets.

These processes absolutely won't scale to thousands of customers, but it will allow us to test and iterate on our product as we work with our first hundred customers. Focus on them first to help you nail your product market fit. We're still getting there but this method helps us push the needle everyday.

- John

balancegaming.network · 597d ago

We're taking t he same approach also. Never heard of Integromat. If we could get nocode Steam key request for what we're doing we would be entirely no-code MVP at this pt :)

ff__d · 595d ago

Focus on talking to users, and building a great product. This is the only way to increase your growth, and succeed in the long-term. https://playbook.samaltman.com -> The source you need.

Ship with high cadence, -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xU050kMbHM This link shows how to launch.

DotDotJames · 597d ago

for us, we usually frame as we can do A until it gets to this level or so and then we have to do B; examples:

* we can scrape X contacts from here; when we get to this stage, we either need to automate or buy in bulk
* we can cold email this group of size Y in this vertical; if successful, we'll be better off joining this industry association + ads
* we can do use this framework + Zapier for now -- once we get to Z or so / day, we need to automate this step

headsup.site · 597d ago

In terms of technology, we went with a scalable solution straight away, because we could do so without losing significant time. In terms of traction, we work closely together with our early access users to get to know their workflow, their challenges, and their current way of solving these. This helps us challenge our own assumptions and to see beyond the surface of the problem. Obviously, this won't scale, but for now, it is highly valuable.

Versoly.com · 597d ago

I tried to do a lot of things that didn't scale but none worked.

- Cold emails
- Free onboarding
- I even tried giving away the product for free to get feedback ages ago (no customers)

What has worked has been being consistent, posting often where my audience hangs out, building free tools to help them like https://saaspages.xyz/

dennisonbertram · 598d ago

What qualifies as no-scale? Reaching out to potential customers or early users to setup 1-on-1s?