Need to Change developer
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Okay, so we are working on building a global platform that hope to solve some specific problem in the investment banking industry. Problem is, the hired developer is struggling to produce our intention in terms of web design and functionality.

I cant compromise on that. So, thinking of firing and hire another.

What do you think?

bukunmi · 16d ago

Hi @tegaogaga I can understand the disappointment when your contractor fail to deliver. I had similar experience with some of my hired coworkers in the past and had to relieve them of their duties. I would say, if the project means alot to you and you really care about its success, NEVER compromise.

For your website development, I strongly recommend these guys

I run the web development agency ConversionSpree LLC in the US and hired professionals to manage it, so you won't go wrong. We develop any website type for every use case. If you need help please don't hesitate, let me know.

tegaogaga · 16d ago

I will check your guys out and revert. Thanks Bukunmi

manojranaweera · 16d ago

Hire slow, fire fast!

tegaogaga · 16d ago


manojranaweera · 16d ago

If it's a website that you need development, the cheapest is to use WordPress. There are so many free and paid templates. Very easy to do. I build all my websites as it's faster. It takes a lot longer to work out a brief for someone to build than just doing it.