Memorai: AI memory assistant — turn sentences into knowledge.
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Memorize anything you're reading.

Chrome extension:
- select texts
- uses NLP to generates question and answers
- adds them to anki
- quizzes you on them at spaced intervals
- forces you to answer questions before you're allowed to go to a distracting site

meaning you're **guaranteed** to remember it

Team members:
Jordan Burgess (
Raza Habib (
Peter 'Bayes' Hayes


deliverator-487026 · 814d ago

This is perfect for remembering things from Medium!

ender-650225 · 814d ago

Nice! How do you plan to generate question and answers from the text?

yoda-185756 · 814d ago

We've used a simple machine learning model for now. We generate features using spacy and then train naive bayes to decide if a word is good to use or not.

We plan to switch to more modern neural models in the future but didnt have time in 24 hours.

azlenelza · 814d ago

Super cool! Lot of potential with this, look forward to how you develop it further.

OneMoreCookiePlz · 814d ago

This is cool. I know someone who'd want this for his anki. The questions, if they're good, could be amazing!

nenobe4076 · 814d ago

Nice demo, and nice 24 hour hack. I love it. Good luck! ))

princess-leia-251050 · 814d ago

love to see this to help my study!

pkadi · 814d ago

This could be really cool even when learning a new language.

elenanadolinski · 814d ago

Nice! Great demo too! Would love to use a tool like this.

jordanburgess · 814d ago

What a slog! We spent a good few hours in chrome extension permission hell and lost our best man at 3am due to a macbook SSD failure... he came back like a champ on his gf's work machine for some strong emotional support on zoom.

We think this could be useful to a crowd much larger than the niche Anki-user base. If you want an intro spaced repetition this article that forces you to learn quantum computing is awesome.

We want to use this ourselves. If you want to use this early or help email us at · 814d ago

Great execution, and love the idea to connect to Anki! I worked a lot on this problem at a previous company, and there is some pretty good research literature, both for pipelined separate task and e2e models, for question generation out there. LMK if interested in a link dump sometime. You can (human) bootstrap and use Memorai to learn all the papers :)

yoda-185756 · 811d ago

Hi, I'm starting to work on improving the answer-questioning models. Would love to take you up on that offer for a link dump on the best models.

As far as I can tell the best models at the moment are still seq-to-seq with attention but they mostly require you to have an answer to a question in mind. My rough plan:
1. train a model to predict good answer words from surrounding context and word features.
2. Use an e2e model to generate the questions themselves.

nell-919336 · 814d ago

wow this is cool

bionic-hra · 814d ago

Great work!

hiro-feb-n · 814d ago

I want to use this in emacs. great

ramji · 814d ago

Great work...!!!

franciscovalencia · 814d ago

Amazing. I'd like to use it.

kamesstory · 814d ago

Great work - I'd love to use this!

williem · 814d ago

Cool. I think it will help many students in their study. Good luck!

nenobe4076 · 815d ago

Is this based on an empirical study? Would love to see if you could list some research papers that are related to this ))

yoda-185756 · 815d ago

This is a reasonable starting place I think
and this is very well refrenced:

trentonbricken · 814d ago

I <3 Gwern · 814d ago

cool idea! i like it

ender-043304 · 814d ago

I have been needing this without knowing exactly what I needed. I rarely use browser extensions, but this is making me feel as though I need to start. I love learning and anything that can improve my memory is huge for me. · 814d ago

Hey, not sure how to vote for you guys but I hope you win! Good luck. I hope you bring this to market!

sunnymodi · 814d ago

Great idea and demo. I would definitely use the chrome extension

snoreflex · 814d ago

Really cool. Quizlet democratized. Would be fun to share all these notes and create a knowledge graph.

furiosa-854056 · 814d ago

Would have been really useful when I was in school!

spock-961363 · 814d ago


trentonbricken · 814d ago

How did you build, train and validate your neural network on question answer pairs so quickly (in the 24 hours to start and finish this project)?

jordanburgess · 814d ago

Not using any neural networks just yet. We used spacy for the NLP features, and a niave bayes model for cloze task word selection.

justinwei · 814d ago

Super cool idea-- I would definitely use this! Main challenge is of course the quality of the question constructed based on highlighted sentence. Good luck, hope it works!

yoda-185756 · 814d ago

Yeah totally agree. We're using some pretty simple ML to start with for the purpose of the hackathon but there are some great question generation models out there so can improve this rapidly.

justinwei · 814d ago

Loved the demo! Following up here-- is there a working download or build instructions? Want to try it out :-)

jordanburgess · 815d ago

Got a working ML model for the smart generation of cloze completion task on sentences going.

trentonbricken · 814d ago

How does this work?