What should you talk more often, i.e problem, solution or the product?
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Is it better to talk more often about the problem that your tech company solves than the solution your company provides? Or the product that solves the problem?

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dominik · 467d ago

Ask what is the problem, show the solution you have and then sell your product. :) If you don't understand the problem, you are not able to develope the solution. Don't take me wrong, but it took us 3 years to understand the problem we want to solve. And that's only because we are our own customer...

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ptmn · 464d ago

I've been on two side of this story several times. It's better to talk about problems, but much better to talk about work/life of your potential customers. Solution will come later. The same for product, but it would be a much later stage once you ace the first two.

coryz · 466d ago

Seems like an unnecessary semantic question. Debate over nothing?

I think of this when I hear this question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMDiy8g3HDs&ab_channel=VlogMedia1.

It depends on who you're talking to and why.

Klog · 466d ago

What's the context?

For customers who understand the problem, you probably spend less time on the problem and more on the solution. For investors or people who are less familiar, then more time on the problem.