Reviews and Feedback for Internxt Drive
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I am particularly new to this forum and would like to request feedback about Internxt Drive to know more about the aspect that needs improvements and fixes. Please drop a comment about your experiences if you have used Internxt Drive and if you are just a user that is curious about the platform, we can give 1 FREE month of subscription. Your feedback and thoughts will be very much appreciated!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 22d ago

As soon as you say "safest" you are challenging very big companies.
Cloud storage of precious things is very scary if I'm worried you may lose things.

You also say "most secure cloud storage app" again a huge claim.

You need really detailed explanations of why these claims are plausible. Otherwise, it works against you making you look untrustworthy. If you're exaggerating about this, what else should I worry about?

Internxt · 22d ago

We claim to be the most secured cloud storage because we work hard to live up to it. We ensure that our user’s data is safe and secured. We fight for data privacy and oppose tech giants to give everyone back the power and rights to their privacy. I think what you should be more about is the fact that there have been so many cyber crimes going on, which means that we have to work harder not just to give the best privacy for our users but also to educate people about the risks that go along with the convenience of using apps coming from big tech companies that will indeed collect your data and use it elsewhere, making you vulnerable from malware and threats. There is much to improve on our end to give our users the best experience. That is why we sincerely ask for your feedback on it and use it to improve our platform and services.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 22d ago

oppose tech giants

where are you storing the data then?

Internxt · 22d ago

Internxt, nor any third-party can access any of your
files. Files uploaded to Internxt Drive are
fragmented, client-side encrypted, and distributed
all over the globe, so that a server never holds a
complete file, but instead an encrypted data shard. We are using a decentralized server for the user’s data which means that it is distributed worldwide and only the user’s key can encrypt and decrypt it :)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 21d ago

That sounds like you have optimised appeal to people concerned with security over reliability, with a callout to blockchain-lovers. Are you defining safety as safe from file snooping vs safe from losing data?

Decentralisation like this introduces vastly more failure modes so needs a compensating mechanism with the statistics to back it up.

Internxt · 21d ago

I think it is safe to say that our user’s files are safe from file snooping and data loss because we have never had any cloud outages or anything related to those issue. One thing that can affect a user’s privacy is if our user is knowledgeable enough of the risks of cyberthreats and malware which is why we have created a data privacy directory to educate our users and campaign for data privacy. Privacy comes not only with our services but to a user’s knowledge and how to prevent/stop these cyberattacks(there are multiple factors to consider), and to answer your question, you have to experience what we have to offer to make your conclusions. Then you’ll know if we truly live up to our statement or not. My words alone are not enough.