Karaoke any youtube song
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Description: Karaoke any youtube song via a chrome extension

Vishal Rohra: https://twitter.com/VishalRohra293
Achyut Joshi: https://achyutjoshi.github.io/

Sign up to be an early tester: https://rohravj.typeform.com/to/SGSNb0

Github: https://github.com/achyutjoshi/music-tools

Video demo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4kQ6aMptniDnAe7i7

vijpandaturtle · 814d ago

Wanted something like this for so long !

nell-182215 · 814d ago

nice idea

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

I like the idea!

snoreflex · 814d ago

Any feature requests that come to mind?

mynameisJura · 814d ago

That's funny. Will be great to highlight words that should be song right now

snoreflex · 814d ago

Yikes, fixing it as we speak

edanswers.io · 814d ago

this is super cool, it is automated, right? ,I mean the process of making any song karaoke ?

snoreflex · 814d ago

Yes, signal source seperation has improved a lot in the past couple years. Check out project spleeter by deezer and demucs by Facebook AI

nell-919336 · 814d ago


azlenelza · 814d ago

Very cool idea, does it work on songs that might have difficult-to-find karaoke tracks or just on the most popular songs?

snoreflex · 814d ago

It's general-purpose signal source separation, so yes covers a wide-variety. In fact, we are building primarily because most karaoke systems are copyright-bound, with very little diversity.

michalsmialko · 814d ago

I once planned to build such app for mobile :) Maybe we could team up one day.

snoreflex · 814d ago

Hell yeah!

han-solo-880285 · 814d ago

Amazing idea, will try the link soon

snoreflex · 814d ago

Its extremely hacky at the moment, but sign up and be our alpha tester! :)

art3mis-208524 · 814d ago

auto search for lyric and disable voice?

mockingjay · 814d ago

Yes. We are using existing APIs for lyrics. And we have a trained model that separates out the vocals from the music. Our MVP would be focusing on getting the basic functionality right!

rishi_t · 814d ago

Does it watch ahead? How's it work?

snoreflex · 814d ago

Currently, the MVP would be recompiling and replacing the audio. And then you can play like any other video.

snoreflex · 815d ago

Early mockup: https://ibb.co/NVQq9Tb