What's the best website for making startup pitch decks.
Shared by autopilot.feelzesty.com · 47d ago · 14 comments

Do you guys know any software or website that has good templates for making nice startup pitch decks? Apart from obviously powerpoint or beautiful.ai

team@yomi.ai · 46d ago

beautiful.ai looks good

manojranaweera · 41d ago

I put this together sometime back for our tech comapnies. May be of use https://www.techcelerate.ventures/2019/03/the-perfect-pitch-deck/ Have you tried Slidebean?

home.wolv.io · 46d ago

I am not sure whether this fits your use case, but from my VC conversations, they seem to prefer this: https://thecompanybrief.com/

It's a product from NFX. They have some other useful tools too.

Thanks a lot! I like NFX's thesis so far from what I have seen and read. Gonna look into it!

marcknowles · 46d ago

Dont spend money on a deck template. I would spend more time crafting a story and journey of your product. People need an emotional connection to the deck, they won't remember a fancy animation.

Definitely not spending money on that, just wanted to know what neat tools are out there.

David-OgbonnaEze · 46d ago

slidebean.com, pitchdeck.io, canva.com is also great for pitch decks.

ZackGonzalez · 45d ago

I like slidebean.com it easy to use

Aden · 46d ago

Pre-existing templates:
- KeyNote (MacOS)
- Google Slides (Low cost, bootstrapped model)

That being said, the best pitch is an organic one, not using templates or concepts from other decks. That way, the most authentic message comes through.

Eric_Roseman · 46d ago

I didn't find pitchdeck.io to be that all that helpful.

I'm now trying to build my own on google slides. They like amateur though

eugene_z · 46d ago

slidebean.com. A lot of great templates. Although, quite pricy.

For some reason I'm not a big fan of slidebean.