What is good retention? Specific numbers from experts & companies.
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We reached out to twenty of the most experienced growth practitioners we knew and asked them two simple questions: What do you consider GOOD and GREAT user retention (at 6 months)? What do you consider GOOD and GREAT net revenue retention (at 12 months)?

Tons of specific numbers in here based on a survey to successful investors, founders, etc.

buddy · 517d ago

If interesting: this reminded me that Mixpanel does an annual product benchmarks report, e.g. 2019: https://discover.mixpanel.com/rs/461-OYV-624/images/2019-Mixpanel-Product-Benchmarks-Report.pdf.

Though the level of detail in this retention report seems waaaay more useful.

sam@novamoney · 516d ago

Thanks for the link, it's still too high level to be actionable so I asked Lenny more details: https://twitter.com/SamAbrika/status/1277891223584473092

peggy2 · 516d ago

From his post:

Let's define user retention as the % of users who signed up and are still active (i.e. using the product, making a purchase, posting a photo) six months later.

braddwyer · 517d ago

This is great; anyone seen numbers for freemium B2B? (eg where the denominator is total signups not just paying)

yussef · 517d ago

Lenny is pretty active on Twitter...maybe tweet at him and ask? https://twitter.com/lennysan/status/1277620704146423809