's progress update - July 11th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you consolidate & organize your photos/videos across services/devices to share and relive experiences with family & friends

What are your KPIs?
Launch MVP2
Goal: 100% by July 31st
Current: 56% (Last week: 49%)
Media cataloged (import/upload) in GreatAlbum
Goal: 4,000 by July 31st
Current: 4 (Last week: 3074)
Beta users + waiting list members
Goal: 1,500 by July 31st
Current: 1145 (Last week: 1084)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Beta6 sprint 80% done
GreatAlbum app site design 100%
GreatAlbum app site design implementation 25%
Media recognition engine 70% done
Demo video v5
1 Blog post

Beta6 sprint 56% done
GreatAlbum app site redesign 100% done
Media recognition engine 50% done
Blog: Explore challenges with media
Blog: How to organize/share Google Photos
Journal & KPIs

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Beta6 sprint 80% done
GreatAlbum app site design 20% implemented
Confirm path to resolve media configuration challenges
Media recognition engine 70% done
Demo video v5
Blog post

What would you like feedback on from the community? demo1 demo2

Project website · 441d ago

Great progress this week. Some feedback on the deck:

- First image clutters the slide too much. Set opacity to <30% or remove it

- 100% honest, there's too much info on the slides, reduce down and get across a few points very clearly

- Market size slide is good and great example to follow of clear concise information

- Competition slide is too cluttered, focus on three or four competitors · 436d ago

Thanks for your feedback, CropSafe. Haven't focused on pitch deck lately. Will work in it in the next couple of weeks, and incorporate some of your feedback. · 441d ago

I could see so much effort going into this. All the best :)) I'm sure you will ace it.. and this service is something a lot might need.

Congrats on your progress.

Cuniform · 441d ago

Great progress. It seems a bit complex by multiple features, so the more it focused on certain functions, the more service value would be sharpened. · 436d ago

Agreed. Complexity will constantly be one of our greatest enemies! · 441d ago

I love how you turned your pioneer posts into a micro-blog, basically you blog everything

Your pitch dec is very content-rich, and the idea is well fleshed out

I greatly suggest you use

They have some great formats that you can adopt. and Great examples
I think your business and your progress is a winner, you just need to clean up the branding

Do you have a cofounder?
I hope all this helps! · 436d ago

Hi Swoove. Thanks for your feedback. Pitch deck definitely needs a facelift. Talking to a branding/design expert now about helping me revise it.

Don't have a co-founder at this point. That is still a bridge I need to cross. I've done a lot of the work to "earn" one, per · 441d ago

Nice! This seems like a pretty elegant solution to a very common problem. I imagine there could be use cases beyond sharing images as well, such as a personality wanting to aggregate a feed of images from across all their networks.

SeedSaversClub · 441d ago

I like that you have divided your goals into clear actionable goals.
While it is great that you are building a huge waitlist and building your product, it will be more beneficial if you could meanwhile talk to some of your existing users on a regular basis and share learning from those conversations.
Also, it is not clear whether Launch MVP2 KPI 56% means amount of development done or launched to 56% users.

Gasby · 441d ago

You're not slowing down and that's great.

Wish you the best of luck

dantop · 441d ago

Good job done so far.
How do you plan to scale the company, what's your thoughts on onboarding more hands to help you grow the company, how do you plan to beat your competitors and stay relevant in the market.
Have you tried to raise some angel's round or you don't have any needs for investment right now.
Work with visionary team that will help you take your company to IPO.
Good luck and you have my vote. · 441d ago

Would recommend you to redesign the logo. It could be a little more warm since your product focusses on family and close knit groups to share memories with each other. Do look at other startups that have a community centric focus - remember great artists steal - get inspired and craft your own. Will also be helpful for you to mention why this vs any other tool/platform.

MIDDLENET · 441d ago

I checked out the demo, the web app looks difficult to use
something tailored to just mobile apps and tablets might be much better.

Please look into getting a more elegant design for your landing(try friendly-looking fonts)

Keep grinding! · 441d ago

I like the idea and the website explains the problem and how your project solves it pretty good. I'd try to separate blog articles about the progress of the project from the guides and other types of content that you've created about organizing photos etc.