Customers are pushing me!
Shared by manojranaweera · 44d ago · 3 comments

Some of you are product-obsessed. In my case, I just wanted to go live quickly. So I did on 1st Aug 2020.

Now that we signed our second customer on 12 month discounted deal, this particular customer brought my attention to problems all others lived with without bringing to my attention. Now I need to go and fix them.

This particular customer signed up on Tier 2 pricing, as they are getting closer to completing their current raise, which is nearing £1m I believe.

What's also interesting is that the Founder is listening to me and keen to follow what works for us. We have others, who refuse to listen, especially first-time founders who think they know it all.

I've seen all sorts of Tech founders since 2004. But it's nice to have one who is keen to leverage instead of arguing with me.

Enjoy the weekend lads and lasses. It's Friday night here.

woutdispa · 34d ago

I am confused. Why would anyone sign up to a service for volunteers, wanting to get told what to do... I mean, I don't buy pens on Amazon for Jeff Bezos to tell me how I should maintain my aquarium either right? You're not Jeff Bezos.

kendsouza · 44d ago

That's have 2 paying customers now! Now the big test in the next few months..will they get their desired volunteers to work for them consistently and the quality of work from the volunteers.

manojranaweera · 44d ago


Actually 4 but who's counting! We had customers on Day 1 but now we are much stronger as a team of 13 with more new teammates joining next week.

Of course! Here's our star Volunteer - current face of SkilledUp Life.

Next could be Axxx. Amazing young UI designer - going to help her create her first portfolio.

Actually one of the most satisfying aspects of SkilledUp Life is giving people a break when no one is ready to do so.

I'm still more focused on the supply side than the demand side. But slowly transitioning.