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I did leave the Valley twice and don't know if there is the third time, but Silicon Valley is indeed a state of mind than the physical world.

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Lot's of people leaving lately.

I completely agree with the "Never Leave" line. I have regrets. I was broke and in debt from a cratering my startup in the performance and capacity planning space during 2000-2002 in Portland, OR. In 2003, I moved my crap from Oregon into a storage space in Fremont and rented for $200-300/mo in co-living type houses (rent a room on craigslist) in Mountain View then Sunnyvale. My girlfriend (now wife) had been working in San Jose but she took a job in Novato in Marin County... I eventually moved up to Novato and then Petaluma in 2005. Regrets... see above Never Leave I'm in the North Bay and it's filled with remote workers for all the big tech companies. ...but even up here, the state of mind is much different than the Peninsula and San Jose areas. Some friends tried to start a startup meetup, co-working space in Santa Rosa. It could not find a following and died for various reasons.

In the post-dotcom downturn, SF/SOMA, south of market, turned into a ghost town... it seems like that it happening again as people living in the City are fleeing for remote work. The core of Silicon Valley is around Stanford and 101/280.

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love the U2 reference!

regarding regrets... I finally moved to mtn view in 2003 and I never found a community. what was buzzing 3-5 years ago was dead when I arrived. The 'Never Leave' line struck a chord.

it's perfectly fine to acknowledge regrets. if I don't suppress those feelings of regret, it's easier acknowledge my present situation and take action, move forward!!