's progress update - April 4th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum app helps you tame your personal media monster and relive special moments with loved ones

What are your KPIs?
50 active beta users
Goal: 50 by March 31st
Current: 13 (Last week: 12)
1000 google photos imported via API
Goal: 1,000 by March 31st
Current: 120 (Last week: 110)
Pitch to 8 founders/investors in March
Goal: 8 by March 31st
Current: 10 (Last week: 8)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Test Google Photos Importer v2
Beta5 sprint 30% done
Practice pitch to 2 founders/investors
Finish mockup of
1-2 Blog posts

Google Photos Importer v2 demo; final dev in progress
Beta5 sprint underway, but behind schedule
Pitch to 1 founder; gave interview to redesign in progress; talking contractors to do it properly

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Test Google Photos Importer v2
Beta5 sprint 40% done
Contact 2 accelerators/incubators
Finish mockup of
🛠 Refine Customer Overview and Investor Pitch decks
1-2 Blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? - how it works rough draft

Project website · 539d ago

Good luck!

@whiskdating · 539d ago

Great progress keep it up! · 539d ago

Well done! I think you will be in global top 50 soon.
Why don't you join Pioneer engagement group to connect with others? Twitter me @thomaspotlatch

I'd say 1 thing. You should let somebody make your website or buy templates. It saves time and make you upvoted much more.

About the deck, you should put your profile at the 1st page. Show them why you can do that.
Use this to reach investors

schoolme-college · 539d ago

This is a great idea! Best of luck with your progress. · 539d ago

Really cool idea! How does it differ from Picasa for example that also organizes photos?

Drizzyem · 539d ago

Great pitch deck, it definitely all the key slides needed in a pitch deck. Just reduce the many elements in those slides, be minimalistic and concise as possible. · 539d ago

I think it's a great idea, you just need to simplify everything. Too much text/info you don't know what to look it. Very clearly a Drupal website. You need a favicon as well. The core idea is good you just need to present it very very cleanly/simply. Share the obvious value of your platform upfront so the visitor understands it immediately. Have a pricing section even if it's free, it's not clear right now. · 539d ago


binismail · 539d ago

I would like you to work on the website alignment, but anyway its a good idea.