WhiteRabbit – an app to help you and your team keep track of time
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A sticky app ever-present on your screen that asks what you've done for some period of time. Your tasks are then aggregated from all your other team members to give a team a historical overview of the tasks that have happened in the past. It also has an option to track your personal tasks so that you never have to ask yourself "what on earth did I do this week?".

GitHub: https://github.com/leanthebean/white_rabbit

snoreflex · 814d ago

can totally see a lot of deployment facing teams use this. would love to see graphs as well.

Deleted · 814d ago

Awesome tool and good video (even under 1 minute)! Would be cool if it integrates into Trello or so as well

bhaprayan · 814d ago

good idea, especially with the ongoing situation, it'd be nice to have this type of accountability :)

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

This is a great idea! Would love to see it with start and end times because then it would be amazing for billable hours scenarios which are a huge pain that I hate because I've never had anything like this.

edanswers.io · 814d ago

I love the integration with sheets API, greater work!

OneMoreCookiePlz · 814d ago

congrats! I do this myself for personal time tracking. The idea of doing that with a team is appealing (would love to just show/hide whatever personal time I tracked is considered work and show to team)

Fernando · 814d ago

Does this record the video as well?

ron-703125 · 814d ago

Great !! that's something I would use

john-vandivier · 814d ago

Nice! definite potential thinking about all the stuff you could do with that data

Tash · 814d ago

Love the idea! You did the loom video well too.

zelda-968216 · 814d ago


krishan711 · 814d ago

Great idea! Might work well as a mac menu bar item too! Love that it goes to a spreadsheet - lots can be done from that point!

InventionStore · 814d ago

Good Job

mockingjay · 814d ago

Super sweet idea! Would be even better to have pre-defined buckets of work to make it even easier to log.

zelda-968216 · 814d ago

an amazing idea