Feedback on blog post: how banks work
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Does this post resonate with you? Any comments or questions?

sole-fields · 8d ago

Interesting read!

"As we started to speak to our customers, we consistently heard the question, how is offering our interest or APY possible?"

The immediate questions I had were "what is the product they're building?" and "what is their interest?" and "what is their APY?" and "what is the system in which they're building that makes their customers ask these questions?"

Can easily solve all of those and orient the reader a bit better if you give the full context (succinctly, of course):

Many of our customers who [are looking for x from our y service] don't immediately understand why we're able to offer [such significantly better prices over our competitors (or just name a competitor and their offering prices... OR the percent they save by switching to your service]. At Vinquo, we're [summary of how you're different].

We put together a broad overview discussing the fundamentals of the system and how we've captured an edge in the market // how our product offers better XYZ.


patrickhuang · 8d ago

Hi - awesome feedback, thanks for reviewing! All makes sense, will look to revise.

sole-fields · 8d ago

Awesome! Happy to help.