How can I access voting feedback for previous weeks
Shared by Salim · 9d ago · 4 comments

When we receive feedbacks from voting you also get them on email. On the Pioneer App where do I go to view all feedback sent for even last 4 votings?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 5d ago

When you're signed in, there's a Submissions item on the menu on the home page, from your avatar.

It takes you to

You can see all your submissions listed and when you look at one, on the top right is a View Feedback link.

Sendoff · 9d ago

I use the email that frontier sends

isaacmuendo · 9d ago

Yes you can, check the link that was sent to your email or go to home and click see more then choose review your latest feedback.

nathanganser · 9d ago

Not sure you can do this. It seems to auto delete after a while :)