Remotehour begins VC office hours program
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Hey Pioneer,

I'm Shun, Remotehour founder. We're a part of Pioneer.

Last week, Jason Calacanis tested us on Twitter. He got more than 10 calls with Remotehour.
It was a brilliant moment for us.

So we'll start the VC office hours program where the founders automatically subscribe to VC's office hours and get email notifications when they're online. Just jump on their room, and put a pitch!

Please submit your info on URL if you were interested in :)

Blake · 2d ago

What a refreshingly simple but effective concept. Best of luck, I just signed up. Let me know what feedback you find useful.

kumar_abhirup · 13d ago

I joined! Thanks for letting us know!

shunyamada · 12d ago


Aden · 14d ago

Shared. Thanks for sharing!

shunyamada · 14d ago

Thanks too!

krcnow · 16d ago

This is great and wish you the best. Thanks

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thank you so much ;)

phoenixdo · 16d ago

I was really excited to try this out, but the URL link is currently disabled. Please give an update when it goes live again!

shunyamada · 16d ago

Oh, sorry... Could you open it again?

phoenixdo · 15d ago

All good now! Not sure what you did or what the problem was.

shunyamada · 15d ago

Hmm. Anyway, thanks!

braddwyer · 16d ago

Shun, this is a super cool growth hack. I love it.

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thank you so much mate. Yeah, we found it the exciting experiences for both! · 16d ago

Super cool, thanks! :)

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thanks too! · 16d ago

That was awfully kind of you Shun! Thanks! Just signed up.

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thank you so much. Please let me keep posted!

mattcrail · 16d ago

Good stuff Shun - have signed up

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thanks a lot :)