SimplyBot: A simple bot for your task and morale management
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Project description:
SimplyBot is a bot to track the task and morale of each employee in the company using only simple statements.

Team members:
Suhendro Winton
Asim Andrian
I Putu Agi Karasugi

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

/quote - Get a motivational quote from AI (Artificial Intelligence) when you feel down.
/task - Submit the task to a colleague with the deadline with a simple statement.
/list - See the list of remaining tasks of yours or your colleague when you think that you are free of tasks.
/finish - Finish your task with a statement.
/flip - Feel bored? Try flipping a coin with our bot.
/roll - Need to decide something? Try it randomly using roll the number.
/fight-me-bot - Why don't play rock-scissors-paper with our bot?
/love-me - Need to be loved? We'll send a picture that is very lovely.
/best-friend - The best friend of humans. Ready to be your side.
/simplybot-help - Still new? Check our documentation!

- Total given tasks
- Performance leaderboards (Sorted employee by the number of completed tasks)
- Latest task
- Latest completed task
- List of tasks for each employee
- Finish the task
- Login with Slack


worldwidekatie · 814d ago

Love it! And I love that it's a problem you're solving for your own company.

williem · 814d ago

Additional: If you want to test the dashboard, you can try it on
Thank you.

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

This is an interesting idea because workplace productivity apps get a bad rep for decreasing morale and being creepy. One that tracks morale and attempts to increase it rather than just tracking bathroom breaks to take them out of paychecks sounds like it would fill an important niche right now.

williem · 815d ago

Thank you for the comments.
Yes, we feel that there are too many apps that decrease morale. (Sometimes we just focus on the app not the progress of our work). We try to make it as simple as possible while increasing the productivity and morale.