How do you downvote a Pioneer update?
Shared by manojranaweera · 448d ago · 5 comments

"Your update was upvoted 2 times and downvoted 7 times by other players."

I can't remember I ever downvoting an update. I don't even think I have seen the downvote button. Where can I find it? Just curious!

I've dropped from 36 to 39 on European ranking. Must get my act together for the next week's reporting.

cilliancollins · 448d ago

You have 2 projects. You upvote one, the other is automatically downvoted.

Thomas · 442d ago

oh, thank you for letting us know!

manojranaweera · 448d ago

Thanks for the explanation. Must work hard then! No excuse!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 447d ago

Remember that internally there's some magic math about the strength of who you're compared against and, after many months in here, I have to say in general they do a good job of matching up the pairings. I've never seen anything where I thought it was an utterly ridiculous pairing.

Provide enough detail so people can see if you're putting in the work and progressing. If you don't have an app or finished website, put up Notion or Evernote pages - something shareable and link to them so people can easily see the progress. But, include a quick summary of the high points as not everyone will bother following links.

manojranaweera · 447d ago

Thanks. I got the answer I was looking for from

Just FYI: was software launched on 1st Aug. 2-sided market place. A tiny bit of revenues. One key task to complete to get going.