Podvertizer.com's progress update - November 4th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Podvertizer is a peer2peer podcast sponsorships marketplace helping brands, influencer agencies and podcast hosts to build ROI partnerships.

What are your KPIs?
New D2C brands interested to work with us by the end of October
Goal: 4
Finish the marketplace development, so we can start onboarding podcasts
Goal: November 14th
Sponsorship budget (our revenues = 10% commission)
Goal: $2000

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Outreach to 50 D2C brands for free listing on brand.cm > upsell marketing.brand.cm
2. Outreach to 50 influencer agencies > offer podcast ads partnership
3. Outreach 100 funded companies > PR services
4. Reddit & Quora - lead nurturing
5. Try brand to influencers % campaign

X 1. Postponed > website under development.
2. 100 > awaiting response
3. 50 > 3 interested
4. Done but need more work
5. Started a winter season campaign with niche bloggers & influencers

2 pioneer.app & 1 startup case studies
brandvertisor.com new beta!

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. Outreach to 50 D2C brands for free listing on brand.cm > upsell marketing.brand.cm
2. Outreach to 50 influencer agencies > offer podcast ads partnership
3. Outreach 100 funded companies > PR services
4. Winter season marketing campaign with bloggers & influencers

What would you like feedback on from the community?

What are your best marketing tactics for the winter season?
Would you consider influencers marketing or podcasts?

Project website


temin.co.uk · 348d ago

I would consider both, but podcast marketing far more - it feels more mutually beneficial to both parties, less predatory/sneaky (the advertorial is more obvious) and the area the podcaster covers often seems a better fit than more influencers. The marketing tactics question is too broad for me to answer, could you clarify what you mean?

Podvertizer.com · 348d ago

Thanks for the detailed answer! You're right podcasts vouching made by the podcast host is way better than commercial advertorials.

Imran-709177 · 348d ago

Influencer marketing.
Great progress, keep going:)

sodaphonic.com · 348d ago

Hey! Sorry, I find it really difficult to understand what your product is here. There's a lot of marketing speak and buzzwords, so it's hard to know where and who your product is bringing benefit to. It might be worth spending time working on a clear, outcome-focussed pitch. Who is it if for, and what's the _actual_ benefit of using it. Good luck!

Podvertizer.com · 348d ago

Thanks for the feedback!

One marketing tactic is have material that is relevant to contemporary things going on it the world and the festive season coming up.
And yes, I would love influencer marketing podcasts!

modfy.video · 348d ago

Interesting project. Because of coronavirus, this would be around the peak time that people would be interested in listening to podcasts because they might be working from home or will have time to do so. So, to reach a fairly internet-active audience, would be marketing through social media, spotify (unsure of their workflow), and other places where people who watch podcasts would spend their time on.

Podvertizer.com · 348d ago

Thank you for the detailed answer!

taskablehq.com · 348d ago

Hey - nice progress! We'd definitely consider advertising on a podcast but don't have much of a budget right now.

How does it work currently? Users land on your site, they fill out their details, and then you are manually contacting the publishers? Is the idea to eventually have them all on your site?

Good luck!

Podvertizer.com · 348d ago

Yes, the current process is a hybrid of automation and outreaching to podcasts hosts manually.
We're currently working on marketplace infrastructure to onboard podcasts hosts to list their offerings & pricing, so advertisers will be able to browse & buy directly as simple as it is on fiverr.com.

nedkov at brandvertisor.com - email me your audience details and i will compile you a list of podcasts..
You can find & do free podcasts participation at poddit.net & matchmaker.fm

mattcrail (taskablehq.com) · 348d ago

Good strategy! Will check those out and email you

www.deepgratitude.tech · 348d ago

Probably, you would want to talk to creative agencies. Or try to intern in those agencies to learn about their process. Simply just get an experience. Hope it helps.

Podvertizer.com · 348d ago

Thanks for the feedback! It's a great point to make calls with agencies in relation to their current process, instead of directly trying to sell them upfront our solution, but to adapt it to their current process.