I just finished my first successful cold call!
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I'm doing exploratory research for my online ordering system. I called 5 different restaurants and at one I was able to talk to the decision-maker. I was literally shaking after the first few, but I feel more confident now.

I asked him a ton of questions and got SO much useful information about how to design my product. It's an amazing valuable thing to understand your customers and understand what position they are in. Now, I need to do about 50 more cold calls and talk to more people about problems I can solve.

DropX · 575d ago

It's gets fun, as you keep at it.

pipedreamlabs.co · 583d ago

Heck ya! That's so rewarding!

pavelegorkin · 583d ago

Awesome! Cold calls is a great experience and customer research always give a lot of information

yussef · 585d ago

Awesome! Any tips for others on making their first successful cold call?

SimpleLogin.io · 586d ago

Congrats, the first one is always the hardest :)

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akshaysoni · 586d ago

Good work! Looking forward to the progress