PSA : Some submissions may not have saved this week. Anyone else?
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Double check, wondering if this issue affected others

Would like to know if there was something that came with the KPI update or likely something on our side. There were some save / on-and-off DNS blocking issues (many nx-domain errors espec to Europe) from Thailand web censorship from current protest this week. Likely just us

Anyhow if anyone sees this in time for our voting. This is somewhat similar to what we submitted

-Finalists for Asia Super Team ($50k) package. PR -
-Explainer video started
-Startup conf. 20+ investor outreach sent out, 5 mtgs
-Ubisoft/Rainbow 6 products + promo announced
X Event pushed because conf.

Update: I still cant see the submission but apparently others did see it based on the feedback given that i didnt mention the US incorp stuff in here also