How have you improved your discipline, time management, and focus?
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I've noticed there are a lot of really bright folks here in the Tournament who seem to have figured out how to make themselves be productive. As a solo founder who's new to all this and who struggles with procrastination/self-discipline, I'd be very curious to hear about what y'all have done to overcome the instinct to give up and be lazy. Some days, it seems like even opening my text editor is a mammoth task.

I know that progress doesn't happen overnight, and that improving my executive function will take time and practice, but I figure there's no harm in asking the pros how they do it so consistently!

Looking forward to reading your responses.

jules · 114d ago

“Many people think that they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity”. A simple plan is the most effective way to build good habits and make consistent progress. For example, creating a simple to do list. It’s also important to take care of your mind and body so that you can perform at your best (I.e sleep, food, exercise). Input != output.

I’m passionate about this topic and wanted to solve this problem for myself so I built With Wombo you define who you wish to become and the results that you want, design a system of habits to get the results that you want, and finally follow a simple daily plan to stick to your system and make consistent progress. I use Wombo every day and I LOVE it haha. I’d love for you to try it and get your feedback! I’d be happy to give my feedback on your product in return.

aasthajain · 110d ago

For me, adopting better lifestyle habits has been a game-changer! For example, getting proper sleep, exercising, eating clean all help with productivity and focus A LOT. Once I started changing up what I eat, my sleep etc. I got so interested in the powerful effects it was having on my focus, mood & health that I ended up digger deeper into the science, which took me down the path of longevity science, and now I write about biohacking, longevity science and reversing aging in the form of stories & comics!

In fact, Daniel Gross also talks about building good habits, getting sleep and taking care of health as a way to win in this video.

Miriam_Dorsett · 118d ago

unfollwed everyone on Instagram. Created a different account for following specific people that way I don't spend as much time endless scrolling.

Set realistic goals.
What does your AM routine look like, and what time of day do you stop drinking coffee?

sole-fields · 122d ago

The key seems to be accountability – getting a cofounder or someone who is watching what you're doing will be a great forcing function for focus.

hugomontenegro · 124d ago

Just chiming in here to give my perspective.

I used to have extreme issues with procrastination. I tried many, many ways to make myself productive. None of them worked; at best I'd have one productive week, then resort back to baseline.

After years, the only thing that really worked was working on my identity. Working on what is the kind of person I want to be. It's a very first principles-type approach, but it works.

I'd like to write a blogpost about it eventually on my website, but to summarize: go to an environment with the kinds of people you want to be like. Surround yourself with role models. DO things. Engage. Let yourself be seen. Think consciously about what paths led others to success, and try to adapt that to your situation.

Happy to answer any questions if you need my advice.

Klog · 122d ago

+1 to shaping your environment such that you can't help but be productive. Looks like, mkaic, you're a Pioneer so that environment should help a lot.

oras · 124d ago

For me it was when I started using Todoist. Having a clear to-do list was a massive changer of the game. When you write it down, you don't think about it anymore which frees your mind.

You can focus on 5 things a day for instance, and move other tasks to other days. When I started my startup, I followed the framework on this video:

Its been great to see my weekly goals, what I have achieved and the importance of each task. I use notion now to plan my week ahead.

samvanderjagt · 125d ago

From looking around me, I've noticed it's different for everyone. For some, productivity tools might work, for others they won't. Some things that help me stay productive every day:

- At the end of each day, set a goal for the next day. What do you want to accomplish? When you start your next day, you'll already know what you can start working on
- Have a routine. Are there certain tasks you need to do every day? Can you start at around the same time every day? If you turn certain parts of your work into a habit, they become easier to follow
- Build accountability: if you're accountable to someone for completing the task, that might work. Promise things to users/testers with a deadline, have public product deadlines so you'll have to work on it, etc. This is definitely harder as a solo founder since you don't have a partner that you're accountable to.

Depending on whether you work best with positive or negative motivation, you could try rewarding yourself (positive) or 'punishing' yourself (negative) in relation to tasks that you complete. I.e. 'If I do this today, I'll have a nice dinner', or 'If I don't do this today, I'll stay in tonight'. Again, might or might not work for you. It seems childish, but on some days, it does work for me.

Also, self care is king: If you feel well (sleep well and eat well, like @kendsouza mentioned), it becomes easier to work well. Good luck :)

Klog · 122d ago

Love the idea of habitual proactivity. I subscribe!

Doesn't even have to be that you open your editor for 2hrs a day. I'm a big runner and have found that to be most helpful. I run 5 days a week, minimum of 30m each day.

kendsouza · 125d ago

Let go of all the productivity concepts & tools. Do not focus on time management, discipline , 'focus' etc.
Ironically they are nothing but 'time' consuming, a distraction and useless anyway.
It is actually very simple. Just sleep well, eat well, take a nice dump and do what you can everyday without being worried about the results. It will add up.

Klog · 122d ago

Oh wow, this is easily the best answer here. Love it. Agreed! Stress over productivity can actually lead to procrastination.

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manojranaweera · 125d ago

If you are lonely, why not sign up few volunteers from In early Jun 2020, there was only me. Now I have a team of 22.

My procrastination is staying on Pioneer.

manojranaweera · 125d ago

In case you want some stats

- I'm 53
- Lifelong solo founder
- Lifelong bootstrapper
- Been running tech startups since 2004
- Now trying to build 5 businesses at the same time over the next 17 years.

I thought as someone who won Pioneer, you would be going up and up in the Pioneer world. May be other side is not rosy as expected to believe?

All the best!