Distruption of GPT-3
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If you were on Twitter verse this weekend, you might have heard about GPT-3. From the demos I've seen, it looks unbelievable. I'd love access to the beta, if anyone could help me out.

*Sushant (Tweets)
Replace the URI 'starup' with any world that you would like a tweet on. It will generate it.

*Figma UI

Simply describe what you want, and it builds in React.

*Learn from Anyone
This is impressive. I played with this one for a few hours before it got shutdown for exposing API keys. You can specify a person and learn anything from them.

So what would Steve Jobs say about my startup (bootleg)?

Me: What is an online studio for musicians?

steve jobs: The best tools for the studio and to make beats with professional results. For the studio, a producer has to buy lots of equipment which can be expensive. In an online studio, they can access the same tools for less money and have the same results in terms of quality of their beats. They can share them with others, and collaborate.

To have better results in terms of productions. Sometimes musicians are not satisfied with their productions, they can collaborate with others. For instance, a musician that knows everything about the mix and mastering can help a musician with the production and the rythm. The musicians can make a synergy together. If a musician knows how to produce and another knows how to mix and master, they can have better results than what they can do alone.

startupdir · 16d ago

It is disruptive for sure. But the real change will be the upcoming models. Eventually these APIs will become commodity when multiple companies provide the same service. What can be built on top of them is the more interesting thing.

morning_coffee · 15d ago

yes, i agree with this

abdul_alhamdan · 16d ago

Yeah, I have been hearing many people already, even though it has not been a long time, say that they are building GPT-3 enabled apps. Looks like this might be a buzzword over the next year.

wimsikal · 16d ago

Here's one more to compare GPT2 vs GPT3