ProductHunt launch
Shared by stepanfedorov · 9d ago · 5 comments

Hei, fellow pioneers! It's only a week since I joined pioneer community and not sure what are the rules on ProductHunt here:))
We have launched a ProductHunt campaign and would be very grateful if you can check out our product there and if you think that it has potential may be you can even upvote it:)

And of course, you can look up our product here it is Will be super thankful for any feedback and thoughts on this


timetobuild · 8d ago

good work. I upvoted.

stepanfedorov · 8d ago

Thank you so much!

manojranaweera · 6d ago

Voted. All the best. Do take a look at my tech startup Stepan. - free talent for tech startups (once subscribed). How big is your team? How was the results from the Product Hunt campaign?

stepanfedorov · 6d ago

Hi! Thanks so much! you have a very nice startup I hope I will be able to use it in a couple of months:)) Results at Product Hunt were not that great, but I believe I needed to prepare more thoroughly (some lessons learned:))

manojranaweera · 6d ago

I suggested to Jack to use our Volunteers once I saw him listed on Product Hunt.

Ideally the volunteers have to be in place before the listing